Thursday, September 8, 2011

Corbin Love

Lately Corbin has been so cuddly when he gets sleepy.  I love it so much!

 "HELLO!  I'm awake, and I'm completely upside down from when you laid me down last night!"

 "What?  I'm practicing my movin' skills!"

 Grandma O bought him some new outfits and a new hat!  So cute!

This is Corbin after just finishing a 3hr nap.  I got him out of his crib.  I gave him a bottle and he fell asleep again for about 20min in my arms.  Guess 3hrs wasn't quite enough! :)

Sorry the quality of the photos aren't the greatest.  I take these photos with my Iphone and if the lighting isn't light enough the photos get blurry.

Well folks, I had a lot to say for this post, but my mind is going in so many different directions right now.  Life is good friends, it really is, I hope that we can all find that out for ourselves and then share it with others!

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