Tuesday, August 23, 2011


That's right people.  School started back up today for both my husband and I.  All of my classes are online, and all of my classes require me to take my tests/exams in the testing center.  Tell me, what is the purpose of going to the testing center to take a test when the professor allows the students to use notes AND the book?  Please, someone shed some light on that for me...because I'm just not getting it! (:  I feel pretty much overwhelmed with being able to find  time to get to the testing center so I try not to think about it, because like I keep telling my husband, "it'll all work out!"  In words of my friend Kelsey, basically, my husband and I will be little hermits this semester.  School, homework, work and our little munchkin.  And when we're not doing those, well, we'll be being lazy with each other and our little family! 

We're planning another camping trip over Labor Day weekend so that should be a nice break and FUN!  We're so glad that Corbin did so well on this last trip because we're a campin' folk around here!  Anybody know of any pretty camping spots?  We've been looking into Cedar Mountain but neither of us have been up that any suggestions would be much appreciated!

My target for this post was because I feel so blessed.  I really do.  I love my husband so much and our little Corbin is just our everything.  We may not know all of the plan Heavenly Father has or designed, but I am so glad that He made known unto us that "Families are Forever."  I can't imagine being at my wedding and agreeing on only "till death do us part."  We are here in this life for such a short amount of time, and to know that I have a whole life ahead of me after this one, with my husband, is knowledge I truly cherish.  Aaron and I were talking today about "falling in love," and, "who you fall in love with."  It's crazy because we both got a talk from someone we admired when we were younger about this topic.  When I was starting to date Aaron my mom talked to me about not falling in love with someone who just gives you the butterflies, you know that boy in high school who you get all gidy and, well, silly over?  That boy who you just think is the cutest boy ever la la la?  I can't even describe it because it's so high school.  She told me to find someone who you can trust, feel safe with, love, cherish, cant stop talking about, can depend on...obviously someone you're attracted to, but the "fireworks," aren't everything when finding that special someone.  There will be disagreements and when you can get through tough things together, the way the two of you get through those situations will say a lot about the both of you.  While Aaron was being taught by someone to really choose who you fall in love with.  Know the qualities that you want in that person you're going to spend forever with.  Even the little things, the things you don't think really matter, but they do.  For instance, he gave an example to Aaron, about someone who fell in love with a girl who hated meat, camping and hunting.  This guy was an avid camper, hunter and meat eater.  He lived and breathed anything outdoorsie.  You know, maybe you could think that you could compromise with that or get the other person to like those things.  Well, that can cause a lot of issues.  Fall in love with the person you want.  Don't fall in love with someone and then change them into the person you want.  Aaron is everything I could ever have asked for.  I was so naive in high school and really had no idea what I wanted.  All I knew is I wanted to have someone who I loved and who loved me back, truly loved me back.  I watched my mom go through to much bologna to go through what she did.   I knew that I wanted a man who treated me with respect and as his equal.  Ok, so I knew a little of what I wanted, but not a lot.  Once I met Aaron I realized he was, well, a keeper.  To this day I remember the moment when I realized, "I don't want to loose this guy.  I want him to be mine and  I want to be his."  It's crazy when you realize that about somebody.  I love him with all my heart.

Life is good folks.  This was the most random post I've ever posted I think.  ever.  I just really, I hate to say my heart is full, because I never really liked that saying, but it is. 

While were on this happy train let's take a stop in the "friends" department.  I have some of the greatest friends on the face of the planet!  We were in the car, Aaron and I, and my friend Lizzie text me, and Aaron said, "I wish I had a friend like that, a friend who text me all the time." ha ha!!  I reassured him that he is glad he doesn't because guys don't like to talk, and he said, "yeah you're probably right." Oh he is a goof ball.  But seriously.  I have friends who I know I can talk to about anything, friends who I've made in the past who I know even if we lost contact with each other for a month or so, we'd pick right back up where we left off, friends who I have never hung out with but admire so much, friends who still influence me who I've never ever talked to and a very best friend who I can't even believe I have been so lucky to be blessed with.  She is the true definition of a friend.  I hope that I can be as great a friend to her as she is to me.  {Good luck with moving Lizzie, I wish I was there so I could help you do some interior designing!!!}  I must bring up my friend Miss Maddie too.  She is getting married so so soon!  And for anybody to be getting married I am the most excited for her because, oh man, she deserves this so much!  I've never met her fiance but from the looks and sounds of it, he seems like a real keeper for her.  I feel so priviliged to be able to be there on her special day coming up.  Her dress is gorgeous, just like her!  Now that I'm a mommy and I have those mommy emotions I wouldn't be suprised if I cry at her wedding and ball in the temple.  OH!  The temple!  I am going to ball like a little baby!  Maddie, I love you girl, SOOOOO much!!! 

Lastly, for any of you who stuck around this long listening to me ramble on, take time each day to tell those you care about how much they mean to you.  People are so amazing.  People are what we need to cherish and hold close the most in this life.  Not materials, money, status, jobs, etc.  It's the people around us, the people we meet for just a moment...those people are our Heavenly Fathers children.  Those people who can get on our last nerves, well, they are precious in the eyes of our Father in Heaven, and they need to be precious to us.  And never forget the power of a smile-a smile can go a long long way!

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  1. Hai, you are so amazing! I am really so proud of you for going back to school. So many people wait and never go back! I am sure you will find a way to work out your schedule. But yeah, you are such an inspiration:D