Saturday, August 27, 2011


I started downloading a video of Corbin onto this post and left the computer and kept coming back to it to see if it was done loading.  Over an hours time it was still not done loading.  Needless to say I  gave up.  (sorry mom.) 
I'll just tell you that Corbin is the cutest little face in the whole wide world.  One thing I feel spoiled about having him born early is that I have a baby for longer than most moms do.  At this point, 8 months old, moms usually start feeling baby hungry again; not me.  I still have a little baby, and I'm loving it!  Aaron and Grandma Hunter want him to grow up and get big so he can run around and go on hikes; not me.  Just stay little little Corbin!! :)  We started him on new formula, and he's loving it.  It's not as thick as the Neosure was, and we're hoping it will help with his constipation because it's less calories.  He's already shown signs of it helping his constipation so that's good!
So I'm excited for this coming weekend...we got some news that potentially, if all goes through, could be very very exciting and fun news.  I will keep you all informed on that when this weekend comes and goes!
Also, my former young womens leader, Melissa, has bronchitus and is 38 weeks pregnant!!  Keep her and her family in your prayers for me would ya?  I love this lady and I can only imagine how uncomfortable she is right now!  I do know that she has three little girls and a husband that take awfully good care of her though, and that makes me feel more at ease.
Well that's all for now!

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