Thursday, August 18, 2011

Influential Spotlight

So Lizzie and I decided that we're going to have, I guess you could call it a spotlight, at least twice a month.  This will be when we talk about someone we noticed doing something kind or someone that had an influence on us during a specific time that month.

Kenzie Drawe is who I would like to nominate for this month.  I feel like her example and influence has really impacted me ever since going to her fireside.  I am sure she would feel so very honored to know what a difference she made in so many peoples lives from doing that one fireside.  Aside from the fireside Kenzie has done so much service for her community, schools, university, friends, family, strangers, you name any type of service Kenzie has probably done it...and then some.  Her and I share a favorite quote, a quote that we kind of have as a life motto.  "Go forward in life with a smile on your face a twinkle in your eye, but with great purpose in heart."  Oh little miss Kenzie just is a wonderful girl and I so wish she still lived in Hurricane so we could do lots of fun service projects together.  It's people like Kenzie you wish you were better friends with in high school.  Thank you Kenzie for being such a good example of this life motto quote.  I think it's awesome we share that in common!  You my friend are amazing.

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