Wednesday, August 31, 2011

eyes to see.

Today as I was in the classroom while all the babies were sleeping I was reading in the Book of Mormon on my Iphone.  My thoughts wondered to the fear of one day being blind.  I have often wondered if I would ever go blind because without glasses or contacts, legally, I am blind.  When I don't have glasses on I can't even see myself in the mirror; I'm just a blurry mess.  Like I said, I have thought about this before and it didn't ever really hit me like it did today.  If you know me, you know that I love learning and reading anything Gospel related.  Light.... I wouldn't be able to see light.  I would be walking through life in darkness.  Of course I could still learn and listen to the Gospel, scriptures, music etc...but I'd loose the most important thing of all.... light.  Just like when we struggle and fall into that darkness we long for light, i almost feel like those who are blind long for light, and when they struggle and are in a dark place in their life and they finally overcome that trial...does it still feel a tad "dreary" to them?  All it is is dark.  I don't know, I know this is all random, but I was really deep in thought!  But like we learn we need to know of the sad things to enjoy the good things right?  Well, thinking about this, even though it wasn't fun, really made me so so grateful for having the ability to see through glasses.  We have such remarkable technology, medicine, knowledge in todays world.  I am so grateful for two eyes that are able to see and today, I really just took in light all day long. 

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