Thursday, August 18, 2011

Desire Within

This is Corbin's "camping jammies" we just bought him.  He already loves  them.  Well he hasn't worn them yet, but I held the jammies up to him and he smiled so big!!  I think he is just excited to go on his first camping trip!

These last two photos are just my cute little man. :)  The last photo is him in one of his new outfits I bought him.  He looks soooo adorable!!  I just love his little face!  Everywhere we go we get, "oh he is just adorable!"  Oh, and get this, someone told me that he looks just like his mom!!!!  That's a first folks!  He always gets "oh he looks identical  to dad."  Whatever people, the more he grows up, the more he looks like me! :)  We love this little guy so much.

This week I found out that another one of my friends miscarried.  This is her second miscarriage, and she is only my age.  My heart just breaks when I know my friends go through this.  Our experience with Corbin was tough yes, but to loose a pregnancy, I can't even imagine.  I just wanted to throw something out there while we're on the subject.  Miscariage is a very emotional and touchy subject for sure, but please, don't be afraid of the subject entirely.  I think we all, or at least I do, get the way I do when I see someone who I think might be pregnant.  But I don't dare say anything just incase she isn't really pregnant.  What I'm trying to get at is, don't be afraid to talk to your friends or people you may know who have been through this. 
Most of the time our general instinct to comfort is the best thing we can do; not avoid the subject.  For example, one of my very best friends went through this not too long ago, and I was hesitant to talk to her about it for quite a while, especially after having had Corbin in the NICU and him being able to come home.  I didn't know how to approach her.  So for the longest time I just avoided the subject and we just talked about other things, which was fine, but I knew I would need to talk to her about it eventually because I knew she was hurting; I just didn't want to hurt her more by bringing it up.  So finally one day I did, and I wished her and her husband happy fathers day/mothers day on those holidays.  Most people probably didn't, well either they knew but were afraid, or didn't know at all.  I know that meant a lot to her that I said that.  I know for a while she didn't want to talk about it, but when I finally did start asking her and talking to her about my baby boy, I believe she started feeling a little bit better.  We talked a lot about babies and just the whole process and different things that can go wrong.  She is such a strong strong woman and I know that one day she will be given the oppurtunity to be a mother to that child and to many more. 

Most of the time, actually I can garuntee that 100% of the time, in situations like a miscarriage, for instance, people just need a friend.  Even if they say they don't or dont ask for one, they need one.  Be there for them.  Don't be shy or hold back.  Again, most peoples first instinct is to be a friend and to make others be happy again, so don't go against that instinct.

On another note,
I know that prayer is a source of happiness.
I know that as we say our prayers we become a happier person.
A person who is more able to be an example to everyone around them.
I know that as we come to have a desire to "pray often" we will be more blessed in everything
more than we'd ever imagine.
I know that as I have become better at saying my prayers my testimony has been strengthened in ways I didn't even ask to be strengthened!
Our Heavenly Father KNOWS us!!!!
He knows what are true desires are
and we know that if we pray to Him and let Him know we love Him
He will bless us.
That's not to say He'll make our life easy
or he'll make the path to happiness easy
He'll make it known to you that everything is indeed
Anything that you bring to your Father in prayer that is in His will
all is possible.
(but always remember, it is HIS will, not ours.)
So our best bet is to sync His will for us
to what we truly want.

"go forward in life with a smile on your face a twinkle in your eye, but with great purpose in heart."

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