Sunday, August 21, 2011

Corbin's first camping trip

We were invited to go camping with Aaron's brother and his two kids this weekend, and it was SO much fun!  So fun, in fact, we've decided to make a goal to go camping more often.  We both love caming so why not do what you love as often as you can right?  So all in all it was Jon and his two boys; Maddox(almost 3) and Jed(1 1/2), Ben(Aaron's twin), and us and Corbin. 
May I inform you that my mom was the only one who was sooooo worried about us going camping with Corbin.  She said, "If Corbin get's eaten by a bear-don't tell me." ha ha.  Mom, have I ever told you how much I love you!  Well I'm happy to say that Corbin is alive and well, and the only yucky thing we came across were a million huge spiders.  Seriously, I've never been to a camping site that had that many spiders!  One started crawling its way up Maddox's back and went on his face until Maddox wacked it off! So funny!
Corbin did so well, and he absolutely loved it!  The only thing that was difficult was the fact that Corbin is very picky when it comes to the tempature of his bottles.  He likes them nice and warm; if it's not, well, he won't drink it.  So we had to go old fashion style and put the bottle close to the campfire and wait till it got to be warm enough for our little man.  Talk about spoiled! =)  Lucky for us when we put him to bed in the pack in play in the tent he went right to sleep!  Even with all of us close by talking and laughing and kids running around talking super loud.  Corbin went right to sleep.  He constantly was waking up throughout the night though, not crying or anything, probably just wasn't really sure where he was at.  (Don't worry mom, it wasn't because he was cold, we had him in long sleeve, long pants, socks, and swaddled in two blankets.)  His bed took up more than half our tent, So Aaron and I got to snuggle up super close to each other. ;)  He might complain about not getting a good nights sleep that night, but I know he just loved sleeping all squished together.  Silly husband.
Our next camping trip is already set, and it's honestly coming up very very soon.  Like, if all goes as planned, soon means like in two weekends!  I just love camping, and I am so glad Corbin did so well!  We took so many photos, BUT sadly I cannot find the camera anywhere!!!!  Go figure right?  The good news is that both Aaron and I took photos on our phones, so that will be what ya'll will get to see.
{I must say though, my absolute FAVORITE photo of the whole trip was taken with the camera!!  It was one of Corbin right when I got him out of the SUV and put his carseat on the ground and said, "Corbin we're here, we're going to be camping now!"  He got the cutest and biggest smile on his face EVER, and his eyes were in the sunlight at just the right angle to where his eyes look SO blue!  It was the cutest photo ever ever ever!  I really hope I can find that camera!}

I took two photos at this time because this first one Corbin smiled, but Aaron obviously didn't, and the second one I took Corbin wasn't looking but Aaron smiled.  So yeah, that's how it works I guess.  I just look this photo though.  Dad and son on their first camping trip!

This is me and Corbin just hanging out. And yes, we have BYU chairs (sorry Drew.)

This is Maddox.  I said, "Maddox can you smile for the camera?"  This was his reaction, "CHEESE!!!"  His favorite thing to do the whole trip was to ask everybody, especially uncle Ben, "What are you doing?"  It was the cutest thing ever.  He also kept getting uncle Ben and uncle Aaron confused.  He isn't sure who is who sometimes. ha ha

This is how Corbin was wrapped during the night.  Nice and warm!

 This is Corbin's bottle being warmed!!

and this is Daddy and Corbin

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