Monday, August 29, 2011


Have you ever said a prayer of just thanks?  I'm sure ya'll have, but I encourage this to happen more frequently.  It's such an amazing thing to be able to do!  I remember a while back a friend of mine, Toni, challenging us to do the same.  She is such an amazing girl.  I am surrounded by amazing people, I love it.  I love people.  We all have such unique stories, different places in life we come from...we're all children of a King.  That's amazing.  I wanted to share lyrics to a song that has really influenced and made an impact on me this past week.  It's a song we all know and are very familiar with.  I recorded it with a small change in the tune of the music with me singing....but couldn't bring myself to post it on this blog.  One of my most favorite things to do is sing church music, but one of my biggest fears and insecurities is my singing voice, so needless to say, all ya'll will be getting is the lyrics.

Teach me to walk in the light of His love
Teach me to pray to my Father above
Teach me know of the things that are right
Teach me Teach me
To walk in the Light

Come little child and together we'll learn
of His commandments that we may return
Home to His presence to live in His light
Always Always
We'll walk in the Light

Father in Heaven we thank Thee this day
For loving guidance to show us the way
Grateful we praise Thee with songs of delight
Gladly Gladly
We'll walk in the Light

I've sung this song so much to Corbin.  Children have the most sweet and innocent spirits.  They teach us so much, if we let them.  I believe it was Kenzie who stressed the word behold the little children.  She was quoting a scripture, but she is the one that really made me think of the saying.  We need not just glance at the children or just pay attention to them for a moment.  We must behold them.  For through them we learn the most important life lessons, and at that, the simpliest ones that are most important.  In this song, primary song, coincidence?  I think not.  Sometimes as adults we think that we know the basics of all things "gospel."  We think that we need to know the most complex principles of the Gospel in order to be happy and to have a testimony.  Really listen to the words of this song....don't be afraid, no matter how old we get, let us never be afraid to ask our Heavenly Father to always continue to guide and teach us to "walk in the light."  Don't be afraid to pray for simple things and dont ever be afraid to go to Him no matter what.   

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  1. I LOVE this! I am back teaching the CTR 5 class, and it really is so true that you can learn the most and feel the spirit almost better by those simple lessons and I know I feel the spirit so strong when those precious kids sing their hymns. They are singing "I love to see the temple" for our primary program next month and I get chills and tears behind my eyes everytime. :) You are amazing Haili! Thank you for sharing your testimony so often! It really helps me be more confident in my own and strive to continue making it stronger.