Wednesday, July 13, 2011

shpill away

I've been reading my scriptures and reading at least one ensign article everyday for a few days now.  What a difference it makes in our lives when we fill ourselves with things of the Spirit!  I've loved reading the different things being taught and said in the articles in the Ensign, and obviously, I feel like I'm learning more and more and new things from reading the scriptures. 

In one of the articles in the Ensign it was talking about working vs. being home, basically, when your at work; be at work and when your at home, be at home.  Dont bring work home with you.  Well, I got something a bit different out of it.  {just like the scriptures, we read the same things as everyone else, but each person, and each time, we get something different out of it.}  Anyways, as I was reading this article I thought of what I recently had decided to do with my job.  I went part-time once Corbin came home.  I wanted to be home with him, but I really liked bringing home the amount of money I did.  I'm not going to lie, it was a tough decision.  I kind of felt bad that I still wanted to work, like I was not as good as a "woman" as I should be, with all the talk of "staying home."  Then I read this article and realized what a blessing it truly is that I am able to just work part-time, and be home with my family majority of my week.  We've been blessed with good stable jobs and the ability to pay bills, live in a great place, save and still have some fun with me only working part time.  I feel so so blessed.  'money isn't happiness ya know?' (:

count your blessings
In another article a young man was writing about his speech impediment and how a basic introduction of his name could be something to be nervous about.  His tongue would get tied or he'd stutter.  Speech was a real problem for him.  He continued to pray and pray for healing.  He read the scriptures and knew of the miracles that our Savior and Heavenly Father could perform.  He served a full-time mission and hoped along the way he would be healed with fluent smooth speech.  It never came.  "I recognized that my problems were small compared to the afflictions of many people in the world, but to me, they were big because I was forced to face them every day, almost any time I opened my mouth."  Then he read the story of Amulek and he realized something pretty profound.  He recognized that even though our Heavenly Father may not "heal" us and "take away" our trials and struggles completely, He will make your burdens light if you continue faithful.  He will always help you through and make your burdens a little easier to handle, in such a way that you can handle them with joy and happiness. 

Family is the best gift any of us will ever receive.  Listen to how completely beautiful this sounds, "the family brings great strength, deepens testimonies, softens hearts, and builds a strong foundation of faith and service."  Seriously, who wouldn't want all that?  Oh my goodness I just loved reading that, and I continue to read it over....and over.  If we, as individuals and as families, keep our covenants that we made when we, got baptized, got endowed, and/or got married we can have ALL OF THAT AND MORE!!  [I love that!]

I read another thing in the Ensign of a project that I am going to start tomorrow.  One family of 5 children decided that they were going to have daddy and mommy dates where each child had a date with mom and dad alone on a consistent basis.  So it was one-on-one each time with either mom or dad.  As they continued to do this, as the children got older and into the teenage years, they were able to confide in their parents.  They had built that bond and trust as kids on those 'dates' through conversation and fun.  So when other teenagers were isolating themselves from their parents, these teenagers felt comfortable in talking with their parents.  So in order to not forget that Aaron and I want to do this, I've decided to start a "date" jar.  Just make a jar filled with ideas of differnent activities.  So if ever a one on one time arises and we cant think of something we want to do we can pull from the jar!  I'm real excited; especially because Aaron liked the idea too!

Well that's my shpill for now.  I had some more to say but alas it all was forgotten...that tends to happen.  I think of something I want to write about during the day, and then when I finally get around to blogging, i forget.  Go figure.  Hope you're summer is rockin!

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