Thursday, July 14, 2011

major milestone

Corbin ROLLED OVER today!!  And lucky me, I got it on video...TWICE!  So now he's holding his head up and rolling over!  He's getting so big!  Another thing that I caught on video was him belly laughing for the first time.  Oh it was the cutest little thing ever!  I remember in the NICU when the nurses would tell us that all of his milestones would be more of a big deal for us than any other parent watching their children develop, only because he started out at such a fragile state.  He is technically only 4 months, so to see him roll over and hold his head up seems like he's almost ahead of his age.  I'm so happy that he is doing so well!  I also remember the nurses telling us we would celebrate some things most parents wouldn't.  Such as instead of only drinking 1/8 tsp for an entire feeding he is now drinking 6oz!  Also, he is finally getting a little bum!!  ha ha.  I just love our little guy so much!

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