Friday, July 22, 2011

in love

I must say I'm completely in love with my little boy. 
He is the cutest little thing on the face of this earth. 
He's got the cutest smile, and I love getting
 to snuggle and put him to bed each night. 
 He means the world to Aaron and I. 
This post was intended to be short and to the point.  I was going to say just how much we love our little boy and post a recent photo.  Then I overpassed his NICU photos and my mind traveled back in time.  I look at this photo and realize just how tiny and fragile he once was.  He dropped in weight all the way to 2lbs at one point in time.  So small; fighting for his life. 

 I still remember the night we went into the ER.  I never would have guessed I would be going into labor when we went to see what was wrong.  All I knew was I was in A LOT of pain.  I didn't know what was wrong.

I remember Aaron calling my mom, and her just, I don't even know how she was feeling at that very moment.  Both of us had dreamed of the day I'd have my first baby, and she would be there.  All I know is that she left as soon as they got that call.  Then Aaron text his family and mine "2lbs 7oz"  everyone panicked.  His mom and sister, my aunt and cousin showed up a few hours after I delivered.  Aaron's sister was balling, she was so worried.  I was so happy that she and her mom came; that seriously meant so much to me to have them there.  It was all such a weird and wonderful night.  Everyone was just in shock, almost like we were all in a daze.

hardest part.  Not being able to see or hold my baby after I had delivered.  I didn't even see him for like four hours after I had gone into labor.  To make things worse, we had to go to our room without him, and then go home without him, and be without him in our home for THREE MONTHS.  I never envisioned that experience to go that way.  When we knew he would have to stay in the NICU we had no idea it would be for that long.  We were broken; it's the first time I ever have seen my husband cry. 

He was ours.  He IS ours.  He is home now and healthy and that's all that matters.  We love him and feel so SO blessed that he was not in there any longer.  We feel EXTREMELY blessed that he is healthy and developing so beautifully.

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