Sunday, July 31, 2011

fluff and stuf

Today was a good day.
No, today was a really good day.
Of course, I think Sundays just have a way of making a normal day feel just a little bit more special.
We started our Sunday out by going to a wonderful 3 hours of church; really, the talks and lessons were real good.  We had a combined relief society/priesthood meeting, seeing that it's the 5th Sunday of the month.  So we got to hear from our bishop.  As I was listening to him speak I thought of how awesome of an oppurtunity it was to be hearing him speak.  I mean really, how often do we really get to hear about and from our bishop, other than the brief moments up at the pulpet in Sacrament?  When he taught the lesson we got to hear him.  We were privleged to hear his testimony, and honestly, a testimony is who a person is, really.  So it was just nice to get a feel for who our bishop truly is.  Let me tell you, we've been blessed with a real awesome, down to earth, spiritual, trustworthy, (you name the characteristics a bishop should have, he's got them all.)  I love our bishop.  Another thing I thought of when he was giving his lesson was, "wow, he's got a lot on his shoulders; being a bishop of a ward, all of these women and men rely on him to have answers, to have solutions to situations, to run the ward smoothly, etc.  What a choice and huge calling it must be.  I can't imagine how he feels every day of his life.  He must feel blessed, stressed, overwhelmed, loved, so many different emotions.  Wow.

After church we headed out to Toquerville to spend some time with Aaron's mom.  We love going out there.  We had some delicious dinner, talked, and Corbin got some much needed snuggle time with grandma.  He totally just conked out in her arms towards the end of our visit.  It was so hot outside so we went with the "nakey" look and just let him chill in his diaper.  What a stud muffin our little guy is!  Oh he brings so much joy into our life!  I also got to meet some more of Aaron's cousins that moved down here with their mom from New York!  They're real funny kids, and they seemed to be very respectful and helpful to everyone.  I hope that they find fun times and lots of happiness out here!  I love being a part of this family.  I have an amazing husband and he's got an amazing family.  I love that we get together and just are a family once in a while together.  I think that's such an essential part, a key component in keeping people happy.  We need to make time to spend with those that we love and care about.  Our family is who is going to be with us, and are going to end up being those that are closest, near and dear to our hearts.  We grow up around young women leaders, parents, friends, teachers, etc in our younger years and adore, love and look up to many of them; then we grow older and get married.  We meet and become a part of a new family at that point.  Our hearts then make room for more people to love and admire.  We get to know a mother or father-in-law or both, who are in our eyes.  Needless to say, I feel very blessed to have such a remarkable mother-in-law and mother.  A mother who is one of my very best friends who has been there for me, no matter what, since the day I was born.  The one person I knew I could run to during all those tough teenager "end of the world" moments.  The person who taught me to never give up and to work for what you want in life.  And a mother-in-law who I've admired so very much, her unwaivering faithfullness to this Gospel and her love for family.  I see very much in her that "doing anything anything for family is so very important and a top priority.  She's pretty silly sometimes too.

Then around 10:00pm my time I got a text from my dear sister-in-law Natalie!  Oh I love getting texts from this girl!!  I'm so so glad I got the oppurtunity to go to Florida and meet her.  I remember my husband telling me, before we went to Florida, that he thought I'd get along real well with Natalie.  Boy, if he'll be right about anything, it was this!  I really just love Nat.  She's so down to earth, spunky, sarcastic..oh she's just awesome!  I miss her so much!  Thanks Nat for talking with me so often and for reading our little blog all the time! =)

"life is good, whether we see that or not, it's up to us!"

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  1. Oh how u make me smile! Thanks for starting my day with that smile. I needed that more than u can know. Love ya!