Tuesday, July 26, 2011

dearest love,

I must say,
I sure do love you!  It's incredibly amazing how much I'm absolutely still madly in love with you!  It's been almost two years now, and I have to say, I love you more each and every day.  I love that we don't fight like a lot of couples do.  (I know some who may read this may think "well you just wait, you've only been married for shy of two just wait.") 

Well, all you older folks, us younger generation aint stupid.  We are smart, and we know that life isn't perfect 100% of the time.  We would have never guessed our first baby would spend his first three months of his life fighting for his life in the NICU.  We never thought we would put off our wedding for 6 months and then realize we didn't need to.  We've experienced real life adult situations, if that's what you'd like to call them in our short time of being married so far, and we've come out stronger and better people because of them.  So none of this, (as my grandpa would probably say), "oooh, these young newlyweds, think life is just full of bliss and no worries, wait, they just wait...a few years from now, a few more kids...they'll see things a little differently."  We know new and challenging times will arise, but you know what, we know we can take them with faith and courage, love and guidance on our side.  Plus, do ya'll KNOW who I have as my eternal companion?  Yeah, I am pretty sure, with him, we can get through anything.  Because Aaron Hunter is my rock.  He's mine mine mine!!!  Oh and he's Corbin's too of course!

Sorry love, I will get back to your letter.  That was a bit of a tangent.

dearest love,
I love looking back at when we first met and all the fun spontanious times we had together.  Like our trips up to Salt Lake and staying at my moms while outside the window was pure white and everything was still and quiet.  Or waking up and being spoiled like little teenagers while my mom cooked us breakfast while we just lounged around and then we watched movies with her and just were lazy.  Our trips to Vegas to drop your sister off at the airport and staying in her apartment the night before, me on the bed and you on the floor on a mattress, but then I felt way too far away from you so you pulled my mattress off the bed and put it laying at the head of your mattress so we could lay next to each other but still on seperate beds. ha ha.  All of our four wheeler rides, minus one that landed me in the dirt, but you saved me, oh wait, no you didn't YOU LAUGHED AT ME! ha ha.  We have so many good memories, and now we just keep having more and more.  Soon Corbin will be able to remember his good times with us.  We sure made a cute one!

Thank you for being my everything.  You know me better than anybody; you even know me better than I know myself sometimes, and sometimes that kind of bites. ha ha.  But I love that you love me for me.  I love that we can talk through anything that comes our way.  I love that you make me feel safe, and I love that I know that you love me so much.  I love that Corbin has a daddy like you, and I love that you were able to give our son his blessing.  I know that Heavenly Father cares a lot about you and loves you very much.  I feel like such a special daughter of His to have Him guide me to you.  I love you.

your wife.


  1. I just loved that Haili. I totally agree, couples don't have to fight, and keep going because Drew & I still haven't REALLY fought after 5 1/2 years! So you will show them!

  2. i am so proud of you guys.....i know what you know....that you and aaron will get through anything....i truely believe the if you marry 'the right person' that there is nothing you cant or wont get through....if you marry a person who is mature and knows who they are and what they want and someone who is happy then all will be well....i love you both very much and cant wait till you move up here for aaron's school...we all need to be together and you guys need to be close to b and sarah and drew and chels.....and then guess what that means? gramma time.....i love you very