Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Poker Face

Fathers Day.
I pulled off the best poker face ever.
This is a first, because I, of all people, can NOT keep a straight face.
Let me tell you the story because it is brilliant.
Pure brilliant.  On my part (not my husbands.)
So Thursday of last week I had off of work so I decided I'd still get up kind of early and go to the mall to get Aaron's father day gift.  He already knew {part} of what I was getting him.  I ventured over to JC Penny's to get his 'remote control helicoptor.'  When I arrived at the mall there were people standing outside the doors already.  It wasn't quite 10:00am yet; I thought the mall opened at 9:00am so I'm glad I waited till 10:00.  I wondered why people were waiting at the doors.  Then when I was checking out I realized why people were waiting at the doors.  I saved $30.00!!  Big fathers day sales were going on.  Anyways, I got him the remote control helicoptor and a nice new wallet.  Oh, and Corbin got him some sweedish fish with a saying to go with it, "You're a great catch dad!"  When I got home, once Aaron woke up, he knew what I got him and wanted it all right then.  SO I gave it all to him.  So that left me empty handed for Sunday, which was actually fathers day.
Sunday. Fathers Day.
We get up and go to church.
After Sunday school I ask Aaron if he wants to keep Corbin in his class and he said he did.
So I, um, skipped, relief society and went home to make Aaron a wonderfully delicious breakfast.
Seeing that 9:00am church doesn't leave you much time for breakfast.
I went back to church when I was finished making the breakfast and our spot we parked in was taken.
I figured it would be, but I was hoping it wouldn't be.
So luckily there was a spot a little further down in the same row that was open, and I thought to myself, "oh he wont know.  It's just a little further down and he's a guy.  He won't notice."
When we walked out to the car after class Aaron paused and was confused as to where our car was.  He kept saying, "I know we didn't park that far down..."  and he kept saying that for like 2min we just stood there and let him be confused.  I told him, "no babe, we got to church later than we usually do, like 5min to 9:00am, and there were no parking spots left close to the door."  He finally just agreed with me and we walked to the car, where he felt the hood of the car to see if the engine was warm.  {smarty pants}  It was a little warm, but not too bad.  (later on he tells me that he just assumed it was the sun warming it up.)  So we get home and when Aaron went into the kitchen he saw breakfast on the stove and said, "you made breakfast this morning and didn't tell me?"  And that's when I told him, and that's when Aaron felt kind of silly for not putting two and two together all morning long.  Car parked in a different spot, engine hot, I got out of class early (what relief society gets out before the men? Seriously?)  He kept saying that he couldnt believe I pulled such a stunt off on him, because, like I said, especially when it comes to my husband, I can NEVER keep a straight face.  OH, when we got into the car he asked, "so what did ya'll learn in relief society today?  was it the same as us?"  Then about 5 seconds later he said, "we learned about talents."  Oh was I so glad he said what he learned about.  So I told him that we had learned about talents too, and I went on to say the story about the people who were given talents and the many that hid them and their talents were taken away.  Then I told Aaron about a baby in relief society that burped real loud and the mom was embarrassed, but everyone kind of giggled about it.  Just to make it seem like I really was in class. 
Wow, I really can't believe I pulled it off.  It was the coolest feeling ever to have pulled off a trick like that on Aaron.  Especially because it involved a car moved and a warm engine.
Good times.

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