Monday, June 27, 2011

Our little prince

 Saint George HOT afternoons; Corbin goes commando. He kind of likes it if you couldn't tell.
 So I worked at 5:30am this morning but got off at 11:30 which was nice.  I was still tired when I got home though.  So after our trip to the store we came home and Aaron watched Corbin while I took a little nap.  Well, when I woke up he had him laying on like 3 blankets and then covered him up with a little tiny blanket with a towel on top.  ha ha.  I told him that we do have like a million baby blankets; he doesn't have to use towels.  Obviously he knew that, but he told me, "well I had just pulled the towels out of the dryer and they were super warm so I covered Corbin up in one, and he fell asleep immediately."  ha ha.  Got to love it.  
 This is Corbin doing his favorite thing ever, watching TV.  Oh boy....not good. 
 So, Corbin has found a new love...for his hand.  He tries to fit the entire thing in his mouth.  While he does this he makes the funniest little noises.  Oh I love it so much!
 This is just a photo of me sneaking a peek at little guy while he was asleep one day.
 This is Corbins "I'm trying to snuggle with my daddy...get that camera out of my face." 
Awe, this is Corbin's very first hat (that actually fit him) that his grandma bought for him...that we can't find.  Ugh.  It is so so adorable on him!

We love being parents to this little nugget of ours.  He is so much fun, and his sweet sweet smile just melts my heart.  Aaron started a journal for Corbin and has written, I believe, two times in it.  No worries though, I've made several entries for him.  The latest entry I told him about his amazing grandma Hunter.  To follow her wisdom and advice and to respect her as he gets older.  I told him that she means so much to his dad and I.  She will be a very good role model and example of faith and hard work in his life.  I told him how much he loves her, even now, at his young age.  We left him with her for about an hour last week while Aaron and I went four wheeling and he loved it.  We sure love her.

some milestones
* trying baby food (bananas)
* giving juice (pediatrician suggested it for his 'constipation' issues.  He loves grape juice.  We tried miralax but it makes him throw up.  So that needed to stop.)
* we bought a baby monitor...yes...tomorrow is the big day.  Going to his own room.  He's ready I know, but, moms not.  =(  When did you mom's put your little nuggets in their own room?
* Holding his head up better!

We love you Corbin!


  1. Love the pics. I see more of you in his adorable smile. Gotta love that little boy. As far as when we moved the kids to their beds, Kiera was around 12 wks, Lance was about 8 wks and I do belive Alexis was in-between the 2. It is so hard for the first few nights. But it does get easier for the both of you. Love ya.

  2. Jeremy made me put Bridger in his own room when he turned four months old, he told me he wanted our bed's hard cuttin' those apron strings dangit! I felt like he was getting so big (ha ha at only 4 months..) it was hard, but he's been sleeping in his own room for two months now. I still check on him at least five times before I go to bed at night, I'm so paranoid it's ridiculous. Hope his first night went good. Our boys are getting so grown up ;).