Thursday, June 9, 2011

I want.

Just a little post to post about a few things I want because that's allowed sometimes right? :)

1.) This color of nail polish with the lace design. (too bad I'm not that talented or patient)

2) Of course I find a modest bathing suit that I absolutley adore; come to find out its not sold anymore!

3) vintage, teal and flowers...what more could a girl ask for?  I'm in love.  (no photograph because I just realized the model modeling these adorable high heels, well let's just, isn't exactly modest.)  But take my word, they're adorable heels!

4)  I'm really in love with this whole outfit...then I saw the price of each piece.  Then I kind of cried a little bit.  I think the shoes alone were like $300.00!!  Who spends that kind of money on any article of clothing?  But I still adore this outfit.  It's so me.

On one more note, can I just say, I'm sometimes thinking I should be a blonde.  I just discovered the new blog post editor and it's so much easier than the old one, and I'm loving it!

Oh wait, one more thing.  I entered to win this beauty of a dress on the Daybook, and I'm just waiting to hear who was the winner of the giveaway.

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