Tuesday, June 21, 2011

husband is inspiring

I'm not really sure how we got on this topic, but often times we do.
We were talking about spiritual matters and came to talking about our son.
Aaron said, "well Corbin really is our brother if you think about it.  On earth we parents know their 'children' as sons and daughters, but really, they are our brothers and sisters."
I loved that.
I don't kind of puts into perspective why children sometimes are so much smarter than us at times.
They'll say things that seem 'spiritual beyond their years.'
Seeing them as our brothers or sisters makes it easier to understand to me.
Our children are really our Heavenly Fathers children; our brothers and sisters.
When we become parents we're really instruments in guiding our Fathers children back to Him.
I love knowing that as Corbin gets older and he teaches us things I know that he is just as intelligent as any adult.  We need to respect our children, guide them, love them, protect them, teach them, and learn from them.  As we all continue on our journey home.

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