Thursday, June 16, 2011

here's to you

"Long before the time you can remember
Our Father held you in His arms so tender
His loving arms released you as
He sent you down to earth
He said, 'my child I love you
don't forget your great worth'
Walk tall your a [child]
a [son] of God
Be strong and remember who you are
try to understand you're part of His great plan
He's closer than you know
Reach up
He'll take your hand"
[the words in these brackets are changed to sing to Corbin]

I love this song; especially this verse.  There is something so peaceful and calming about it.  I think this is already one of Corbin's favorites.  He conks out right as I start singing it to him.  My favorite part is when it says "our Father held you in His arms so tender."  I know there are reasons why we don't remember what it was like before this life, but sometimes I wish we could.  I wish we could remember what it felt like to be embraced in our Fathers arms.  I know that at times we can feel Him close, and even times when we can feel Him embracing us in His arms.  But I wish I could really remember what it was like before we came here.  I often times feel like I can when I see little babies.  I feel like the veil is still very thin to them and they still dream about their lives before this one.
I wish they still showed "The Testament" on the big screen at the temple.  Does anybody know if they do at the Salt Lake temple still?  Because if they do; I may have to make a trip up just to see it.  There is just a different feel when you watch it on temple grounds on the big huge screen rather than at home.  So does anybody know?  I really want to watch it again.
I feel like I've been learning so much from so many new and old friends lately.  It couldn't have come at a better time either.  I was struggling for a bit with the whole friends thing, and then when He knew I needed it most old friends came back into my life and semi-new ones made their way to a more consistent way back in.  If that makes any sense.  And at this time in my life I feel like I'm surrouned by really good friends.  true friends.  And a girl really needs those kinds of friends; I truly believe it's a necessity of life.  So thank you  to those friends.

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