Thursday, June 2, 2011

Childrens Miracle Network

So my friend Maddie is going for "Miss Sandy" in the "Miss Sandy Pageant." Her foundation she is running for is the Childrens Miracle Network. And if I had the money I would donate all of what she needed to raise right here and now. Because if there is any foundation out there that I believe in; it would be this one. I watched the video they have displayed on their site, it's only 30 seconds, and I started crying. Maybe because of the 2 sec clip on the premature baby and it hit close to home, or just for the fact that if I were to run for something like this my platform would be abused children. I have such a passion for children, and I admire Maddie for choosing this foundation to have as her platform. She's done this pageant a couple times before and has stuck with this foundation. So if ya'll would like to donate, she just needs to hit $100 that's it, head on over to her blog, off to the right in my friends blog list, click maddie rogers. The link for the childrens miracle network and her direct foundation link is in her latest post. :)
So this weekend is Corbin's baby blessing! Saturday, oh Saturday, has been planned for like a month now. A fun girls day with my bestie Lizzie. However, her husbands aunt has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that's now in her kidneys. I know everything is left in our Heavenly Fathers hands, but sometimes it's hard to grasp that wisdom when you're faced with losing a loved one. I hate that they have to go through this. I know many of my friends have lost, or have survivors of some form of a cancer in their family. I admire all of your strengths. Your faith and trust in your Heavenly Father and His plan for each of us. Maybe one day Lizzie and I will get to have our girls day...but for now, her family needs them.
Corbin told me that since I wasn't going out with Lizzie he wants to have a mommy son date on Saturday. ha ha. So that is what we'll do. Although I'm not sure how much he'll enjoy shopping. Oh well. If he's going to have some sisters in the future; I guess he better get used to it.
One final note, I entered two give-a-ways on The Daybook, and I really hope I win at least one of them. I really wanna win that dress I love oh so much. I've never won a give-a-way before so maybe I'm in for a treat this time! :)

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