Tuesday, May 31, 2011

walk with me will you

So as I was reading through my old posts on my other blog it made me start to think. I used to post about a lot of spiritual things. Then I started thinking, "maybe people don't like hearing about my spiritual things all the time." So I stopped posting about that kind of stuff I guess. Well, we're gonna go all spiritual for today.

I, for some reason, can not find my favorite quote that I had posted a long long time ago, and I really like it, so I'm going to try and requote it. If anybody knows it word for word, I think you should tell me what it is.

"When you increase in the spirit; you increase your capacity to love."

So it goes something like that and I really like it. A lot. I want to find the real wording and somehow showcase it in my home. It is such a motivating and strong way of basically saying, "hey you need to pray, read your scriptures, build your testimony, because if you dont, you wont be able to love others to your fullest potential." For me that's such a big thing because I really really find loving others and being a person that's easy to love is an essential thing. We are the greatest creation our Heavenly Father ever created. It wasn't the fancy homes, cars, money, animals, plants, nature, etc. (although all these things are beautiful and all created for us by our Heavenly Father and should be appreciated.) But people, our brothers and sisters, are what we should strive to master. Master the ability to love and be loved. And to do that all we need to do is increase in the spirit and have that desire.

I mean think about it. Think about the people, or person, in your life who just have a glow about them. Those people who is friends with everybody and always seemed to have a smile on their face. That one friend who you know would listen to you, even if she was real busy. She knew whatever she was doing could wait. A person who has a love for life, a love for her family and friends, a love for herself...

my mind goes straight to Mandy Johnson honestly, her and my friend Madi Bringhurst. What beautiful young women. I am so grateful for these two young women and their examples to me in my life. Miss Mandy will always be remembered, and I feel so lucky to still have miss Madi in my life to be friends with. It's funny because I only met Madi during college last Spring; we never hung out outside of school, but I feel like we're pretty tight. I feel like I could talk to her about anything. I trust her. I think that she is that girl who "can love because she fills herself with spiritual knowledge, strength and love." I love people like her. Just love em.

I also admire people like someone I've already mentioned in this blog. I'll just say she's my cousin. Forget the in-law part. She's too special to have the lame in-law label. I love her. I want her to have another baby because she makes cute babies and really really funny and sweeter than sweet babies. I want to squeeze Sophie and never let her go. But I think she might cry if I did that. My cousin is so strong, so loving, so compassionate, so perfect. I can't wait until she moves down to southern Utah one day so I can hang out with her more. I miss her already. :)

Ok, so there's my spiritual shpill for the day. And may I say that felt gooooood. :) PS. Ya'll should check out Sydney at "The Daybook" she's super cute and fun. Her blog link is off to the right of my blog. love you.


  1. You are just the sweetest person. Thanks for those sweet words. We miss you loads already!

  2. I just sent you a text telling you my feelings about this and about you.. but I just have to tell you again how amazing you are! I feel so flattered that you think these things about me. I just adore you, and look up to you so much! I want to come out to St. George ASAP. And think we need to have a little chat soon! We need to catch up more. I love ya, girl! Thank you for being such a Christ-like example in my life. xoxo