Thursday, May 5, 2011

temple marriage

Satan is excellent, and I mean the best of the best, at being him. He knows us, just like our Heavenly Father knows us. He is just as real as our Heavenly Father is real. Friends, he wants us to be m.i.s.e.r.a.b.l.e

One of my friends is going through what I went through when I met Aaron. Before Aaron I dated other guys. One in particular I was off and on with a lot; just like my friend was with her pathetic ex. (no offense.) He was my "first real crush." The guy I thought I was in love with. It's funny what we think is "love" when we're teenagers. Anyways, it wasn't love. I loved the person he was at times, yes, but I wasn't in love with him. Aaron. Aaron I was in love with. I felt something different with him though. A tug. A yank. Something pulling me away from him. A feeling I'd never felt before in my life. I wanted to be with him. I knew I loved him. Heck, I told him I loved him before he even told me. It was kind of funny because his response was, "holy purple elephants!" Really? ha ha. Only husband would say that I guess. No worries he said it back eventually. :)

So this "tug" in the opposite direction. Aaron wanted to propose. Real bad. I believe he wanted to only two or three months after we had started dating. In my heart I knew I didn't want another relationship after him. I wanted HIM to be the one I sealed my eternity with. But something pulled me back and made me extremely terrified. I thought up excuses: money, school, family, you name it I thought it. Then on the 4th of July at the end of the night i said to him, "man, I thought you were going to propose to me tonight." That hit him. And he asked 3 weeks later. I said this to him because we talked about my thoughts one night outside in our field we used to always go to and lay out under the stars and just talk. I told him I was scared, and he told me about our lovely brother Satan. (sarcasm on the lovely)

Satan is extremely good at his work. Friends, once we're married in the temple Satan is even further behind in his mission to get us to his side. In the temple we are endowed from on High. Heavenly Father and our Savior and ourselves will have a greater relationship and be able to understand one another better. As couples (not married) we are tested with physical temptations and emotional and mental. Satan can cause us to think we don't want to marry a certain person. He'll work on you and work on you putting reasons into your head as to why you shouldn't marry. Of course. That's the last thing he wants. He has the power to rip you apart and make it a longer journey towards your stop at the temple. In that time he can bring you down the lonely path of confusion, hurt, depression, etc. DONT LET HIM. I have such a love/hate relationship with this brother of ours. I love that he makes it hard for me to overcome certain things, because when I do overcome them it feels sooo good and I can say, "HA! Look at me now!" I hate him because...well...that's obvious. He's goooood folks tricky and gooood. Don't be fooled.

Joseph Smith was bound....but he overcame that darkness and because of his faith...well we have the restored gospel. And because of his faith...he and Emma were married.

Marriage in the temple should not be something to be afraid of. If you love somebody--truly and deeply love somebody, and you've both prayed about it...and you know in your heart that person is the one you want to be with...there's your answer. Don't let worldly things get in your way and stop you. That's what Satan wants.

I'm not saying trials come to a hault when your sealed in the temple--but your faith, your love, you testimony and so much more comes from it. You have an ETERNAL can create lives and raise children who in turn bring more blessings and make Satan even more weak and upset. He'll bite at you hard...but because you have that temple endowment you'll feel so much love and strength. You'll be with the one you love. And the two of you will be one with God.

(I used the photo of the Haiwaii Temple because my best friend is there with her hubby right now. I miss her. I can't wait to make a Vegas trip next month and go shopping with her!!!)

There's my preaching moment. :)


  1. Thanks Hails. :)
    Again, exactly what I needed to hear. <3

  2. You are wonderful. And 100% correct on all counts! I can't WAIT to get through those temple doors with MY eternal companion by my side. :)