Monday, May 9, 2011

So I was thinking I don't do much of anything spontanious or cutely romantic with husband very often. So I thought I'd post a cute photograph of a couple having a picnic, just for photographs sake, and came upon these ones when I image googled "picnic kiss." Loved them. Funny story. I would have picked these photos regardless of what I'm about to tell you. It's truly just coincedence.

So, I had this friend when I was little little. Her name was Marlee. We were truly inseperable. I have an old photograph of us on the first day of kindergarten somewhere in a box. Looking all cute in our little dresses ready for the big day. I remember thinking it was so cool that she had a pool in her backyard. I always told my mom, "I want to play at Marlee's today." So, point to this trip down memory lane. I have been thinking about her randomly for a while off and on like, "I wonder where or what Marlee is up to." I had to think hard of what her last name was...then I remembered. So I used this wonderful thing called, "google" and found a myspace page for a "Marlee and Hayley Hernandez." I text my mom and asked, "do you remember Marlee Hernandez?" yes. You two were best friends. "Did she have a little sister Hayley?" yes. So I knew it was them. It turned out to be a music myspace page. If any of you get a chance google "marlee and hayley hernandez" they're music is awesome. I really liked it. Ok, so again, back to the point. This photograph that I happened across happens to be miss Marlee and her future husband. Aren't they adorable? Pretty popular on the world wide web aparently too! I knew this girl would go somewhere! ha ha. I love this. I love getting back in touch with old friends I haven't talked to in ages; putting memories together and remembering silly things we did. :)

Since husband and I live in beautiful Saint George, and I LOVE Judds little store I am now determined to go to judds, get some treats and go on a lovely little picnic. Thanks for the idea Marlee! :)

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  1. I totally want to visit that store with you and have a picnic! It sounds like so much fun!