Saturday, May 21, 2011


So this was Corbin this evening. He was watching Basketball on TV. ha ha. What a daddys boy. We went a little shopping today and I got some new clothes. So did husband. Mine are cuter though. It was fun. I love love LOVE my new wallet. JC Penny's and Target are having some good sales right now, ladies, if you're feeling a little need for some new clothing for your wardrobe. *note to you short gals: JC Penny's capris actually work for us!!* I bought a really cute bra too, but I felt a little awkward to post a photo of it. It's grey with tiny vintage flowers on it. Really cute. (incase ya'll were wondering.)
Aaron came home from grocery shopping with a pleasant suprise. An ice-cream maker. Yes, we already made some. not. We made the ingredients, got them all mixed, and realized that the inside of the ice-cream maker needs to be completely frozen first. That process takes 24hrs. So my tummy was left heartbroken with no icecream. Oh well, tomorrow night yes?

I guess that's about it for now, we're going to go get in the jacuzzi! :)

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