Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Life is beautiful.

It really truly is.
I've found that our attitudes highly influence whether we'll be happy or not in this life.
We choose for ourselves if we're going to be happy.
We let others tear us down...
Then we let ourselves breakdown and feel sorry for ourselves.
I remember Miss Mandy Johnson telling about one time when some kids made fun of her and she went home crying. Then she realized it was her who was making herself sad. Those kids didn't know or care that she was crying and wasting her day in her bedroom feeling sorry for herself. Only Mandy knew that. She was the only person who could make herself feel bad. So from that day on she decided she would be happy, and as long as she knew who she was she knew she could be happy. I want to share something with ya'll, on a consistant basis, of something or someone that makes me happy. Maybe in turn, that will help brighten some days!

I love this quote/saying along with the shabby little way they put it together with all those fun and bright colors.

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