Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day sixteen

a photograph of a person who inspires you:

Today in Relief Society we talked about people who are charitable. People who serve, and people who are all around--good. Everytime I think about the person I want to truly be, I think of the characteristics Mandy Johnson had. What a remarkable role model she is to me. She never talked bad about others, she was kind to those who had very little friends, her testimony unwavering, optimist, hard-worker, over-achiever(in a very good way), pushed herself, happy, beautiful inside and out.

There is a song I love and the lyrics are based upon when you look back on your life did you leave behind the legacy you wanted to? I posted a while back saying I wanted to really push myself to find something I'm truly passionate about. I tried a lot of different things. I even thought of, "hey maybe I would like to bake cakes and get into the wedding cake business." ya that was a mess of an idea. I kept trying to find something that I could showcase to others. Then today in church I finally figured it out, and it's just this. To become a selfless, loving person. A friend. A person that people can look to as an example. A friend that is always there with outstretched arms and an open heart. A person, like Mandy, who is optimistic, happy, pushes herself to her all...a true daughter of God whose testimony shines to everyone around her. truly what I am going to be pushing myself to become. To be able to leave behind a legacy of kindness. I've realized I've been passionate about this all my life...and's in full swing. Like Mandy, we have to realize that nobody can make us mad or sad, we let ourselves get that way. Now there will be things in life that make us sad, and that's okay, but it's the attitude we have about situations that are in our control that matter. So this is my journey and my passion. I have other passions, but this is something I feel very strongly about.

I love that people look at me and know me, and see all these things, but I know I'm not nearly close to how others see me. I'm not the person, yet, that I know and want to be. But I know I can get there!

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  1. Haili,
    I wish I could think who you are. I am Mandy's mom and I thank you for your wonderful tribute to her. It helps to know she helped others and they remember.
    Thank you
    Susan Johnson