Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Born for Greatness

I knew I was born for something great. I'm kind of sort of related to the gorgeous gal from thedaybook. You see, she is my cousin-in-law's cousin. ha ha. Ok, so it's pretty distantly related, but related non-the-less. I found this out by texting my cousin-in-law, Nikki Davis, saying "did you know that Sydney is pregnant with a little nugget?" (not really a chicken nugget, but a nugget of a baby.) Ok anyways, she said, "ha ha yes I am kind of related to her so I found out through some cousins a couple months ago." What a small world! So just thought I'd say hello kind of sort of cousin! I think you are super cute, and you're going to be a super cute momma! *and yes. She is pregnant in this photograph. You would have never guessed huh? I think you're going to have a....boy.* That's my guess. :)

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