Wednesday, April 6, 2011

photo fest.

Yes. Corbin is yum-a-licious. I love him.



Boring.. Awkward wall in living room has turned into this….


Nothing fabulous, but simple and chic. I am liking it. I’m pretty proud of myself I must say.


I’m not really sure why I posted this photo…maybe because I don’t have a photo of my on my blog…or at least I haven’t had one in a while. This was taken on my birthday before we headed over to the temple. (Didn’t know it was going to be scortching hot out that day…needless to say..I was dying of heat.) The lighting is horrible in the photo. I kind of look like I looked like when I was 15 weeks pregnant.

15 weeks

Oh..maybe that’s because I AM!! Ok no I’m not. HA. But I am excited for, when the time is right, to have more little ones. I absolutely love love LOVE being a mom.


  1. Hey there! I hope you have a wonderful first day back at work:D You are amazing, just to let you know!

  2. If only I could look like that when I was 15 weeks preggo! I am 3 times that size you little stinker:) And, no you don't look preggo in that picture, you look totally skinny and cute, so there!!!