Monday, April 4, 2011

Part two

HA. So we received Corbin's grand total of his NICU bill in the mail today.
Drum roll please....
over $300,000.00
Yeah, this is no joke people.
It's such a blessing that we work for the hospital though.
Our out of pocket money we paid was a slice of cake.
I seriously just laughed when I saw the statement.
What kind of government charges that much for healthcare???
It's absurd.
I can't imagine families who don't have insurance...
They'd be in debt the rest of their lives!
An even more sad thing to think about is that their was a couple in the NICU that had twins!!
Can you imagine $300,000 times 2!!
Oh my gosh!

As I was reading Nikki's blog tonight I was reading the things she caught from General Conference.
One of the quotes was this:
"kindness is the essence of greatness...that can last a lifetime"
-m. russell ballard

I got all choked up when I read that quote.
It made me think of Mandy Johnson . Many of you may not know this remarkable girl. She is amazing. She lived a very fulfilling life. She touched everyone's lives. Whomever she came in contact with they instantaniously felt the Spirit that she emulated. Her desire to accomplish great things really paid off. Our beautiful Mandy passed away the day after she was proposed to, in a plane crash. she and everyone else aboard the small aircraft did not survive. Her fiance knew what an amazing girl he had chosen to marry and continued to go about and be sealed to her for time and all eternity, even after her passing. Their story is so inspiring. Mandy's life and example is a legacy of love...of kindness. Her motto was: "KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS--CATCH IT!"
What a beautiful spirit she is. I'm so grateful for the oppurtunity I'll have to be able to see her again someday.

On another note,
I forgot to mention that I got the BEST birthday gift from my BEST friend
for my birthday.
It was a package full of all her favorite things
(I had told her I wanted to see my friends for my birthday)
So she said having a package full of her favorite things would be like her being with me on my birthday.
(She lives in Vegas.)
It was the cutest ever.
Filled with the most comfy socks(that SMELL...GOOD.)
Cupcake mix and frosting
flower clip
a handmade clutch...(super adorable.)
little tiny bowls from Anthropologie
and some more little fun things.
I loved it.
It was so much fun opening it up.
Thank you so much Lizzie for making my birthday EXTRA special!
I'm so excited to come see you graduate from COLLEGE next month!!
I've already told Aaron we're making the trip.
Maybe we can head to F21 and H and M while I'm down?

Oh Kelsey,
Pretty Little Liars series...
Just starting it.
I'm pretty excited.
Minus the total unecessary swearing in it
but i can't help it..
I'm hooked
and I'm not happy about waiting till June for the next season to start.
So I have to fill my void somehow. :)

one last thing.
I go back to work...
I need some lovin' people...
I don't wanna go back. :(

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  1. good to know. ill have to add it to my mile-long-list of books to read :)