Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm just full of mush and gush!

.Sammy and Nana.

I don't know if I know of any other sisters that are so beautiful and so full of love and concern for others. They're both truly amazing and beautiful inside. and. out. It makes me happy knowing that I got to know them in high school and am able to still be in contact with them today.

Yes. This post is that short and simple. I just had to throw that out there. I miss these girls a lot. I know it's crazy because we weren't like super duper good friends, but we associated with each other a lot and went to movies (we did all work at a theater ya know? ha ha.) Spent many "theater nights" playing hide and seek and doing all sorts of crazy fun stuff. I love Sammy's testimony and her love for her family and her Heavenly Father. I love that I'm tearing up just thinking of these two friends of mine. These girls are just remarkable. It is crazy how fast we grow up and start our own lives...sometimes I wish we could just have one day and have a huge fun girls late night or something and just party it up! ;)

I was reading over my 22 things tab located at the top of my page. I really want to work on my "find something I'm super passionate about." starting now. So I'm on the hunt. :)

PS. I would really appreciate some feedback on my BIG project. I've gotten one response so far. And that's been very much appreciated. Any stories can be sent to my email previously given. Thanks ladies.

Sammy and nana...You girls are very much many.


  1. Hails! I would love to help you out on your big project. I don't know how well I will contribute, but I could try?
    I am coming down to st. george tomorrow night and staying through saturday! I would love to see you!

  2. thanks haili- you ought to know you are loved and appreciated by many also- your testimony gives me strength when i need it most- thanks girl:)

  3. I'll work on it as soon as I get a free minute. Maybe within the next month? Sorry to be such a slacker:)