Monday, April 11, 2011

Hellooooo-o blogging world. Sorry I have neglected you. Last Friday I was supposed to go to work. I woke up and got ready for work and was feeding Corbin so Aaron could sleep for 3 more hours. {phone rings} "Haili I was just calling to tell you that you don't need to come in today." HALLELLUJIA! So I finished feeding little man and went back to sleep. Unfortunatly I have to go back in the morning. 7:30am-5:15pm Then come home shower, pick up Corbin and head back to work for a meeting. Joy. As much as I would like to stay home with Corbin I am excited to get back to work. In a way. I think I'm going to be one of those moms who just wants to work. Not a lot. Just a couple days a week. I admire those women who do stay home, but I think I just have a different personality. I like to feel independent. I like to know I'm contributing in all aspects of the family. Financially and all. I like to succeed in all different areas. Home, family, wife, mother, professional. I am working on getting into an online college right now as well. I am planning on going into NICU nursing and I've never been more excited. My family will always be my #1 priority but I like to do things on the side as well. One day, I'm sure I'll want to/be able to stay home. (when there are more litle rugrats to take care of and love.) :) But as for now I feel content. When I'm gone at work (only 3 days a week) Aaron will be with him. (thank goodness) Then when Aaron goes to work, I'll be with Corbin. So it's worked out nicely.

Lack of blogging is because I've been writing in my journal instead lately. I know blogging is like journal writing but there is something more personal about journal writing I believe. And ever since I've been more consistent with my blog entries; my journal writing has been, well, non-existent, to say the least. So I'm pretty proud of myself for taking my journal writing into more of a priority than blogging.

Dancing with the Stars. The only show I have to watch during the week. I voted for the first time tonight. My favorite couples are "Chelsea and Mark," and "Heinz and Kim." I hope they go till the very end. Tonight Chelsea and Mark got the highest score of all the couples!! YAY! Tomorrow is the results show...fingers crossed. I want Aunna and Sugar Ray to go home, and I also want Kirsten to go home too. Not my favs. Whelp that's about all people. kloveyoubye.

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