Sunday, April 3, 2011


What a wonderful birthday weekend I have had. It started with a beautiful sealing of my sister in law; britt, and her husband and adorable little baby Maverick. I had the most amazing experience in the temple on my birthday I'll never forget it. Best write it down in my journal. But then Britt and her family moved to Idaho today and it was really hard saying goodbye. She'll be missed. We can't wait to have her come back and visit in June!!

On another note, I need advice, baby advice, so listen up little mamas!!! Corbin throws up every time I feed him. I've tried burping him a lot during feeds, positioning him different ways, not burping him, dragging his feeding out; taking pauses between gulps, warm formula, lukewarm and cold, everything! He may have reflux still and that makes sense BUT when he throws up were talking his WHOLE bottle. Not just a little baby spit up people....actual throw up. It's sad and frustrating. Help please? I hate seeing my poor little baby throw up every time. Oh and we can't exactly switch formula because he drinks a specific kind designed for preemies. The formula has certain nutrients he needs that he didn't get in the last trimester because he wanted to come early. I feel like we've tried everything....

Ps. Life really is wonderful!! If you look for the "lovely" things in it....



  1. Hey Haili,
    I was reading your latest post and i know that my friend who had her baby really early her daughter had the same problem, then she tried soy, i know some formulas come like that. it just a suggestion but i thought i might just leave a little note.
    I hope it gets better.

    Ashley Marley

  2. Scarlett used to do that only it would also come out her nose too! she hated it, and it scared me so bad! I really had to concentrate on keeping her propped up while she ate, and the most important for 30 minutes after. She still spit up, but it wasn't as much- When I finally got her on some Acid Reflux medicine it pretty much went away completely and she was a MUCH happier girl! good luck!

  3. Strangly my family and I were talking about something like this last night (I don't know if it's true though)
    My sister said that she heard that the first born son was sometimes born with some sort of colon problem (I think) and symptoms include projectile vomiting. I was going to look it up today and if I find anything about it I'll let you know. :)

  4. Soph had acid reflux. We would make sure her head was above her tummy when she ate and would prop her up to kinda sit up for 30 minutes. I guess that helps settle it. Also, cal your pediatrician, he/she will know what to do.

  5. OK, so this sounds exactly like when Kaylee was a baby. She had the projectile vomiting after nearly every meal, and I was nursing her. The doctor told me that there is really nothing you can do about it. As long as they are gaining weight and are happy you really shouldn't worry about it. Now, that was nearly 12 years ago, so things may have changed a bit, but Kaylee turned out just fine:) I totally feel your pain though. Doing laundry every day and sometimes twice a day sucked! No to mention cleaning up the vomit off the walls, floor, couches, anything withing a 10 foot range:) I hope things get better soon. Good luck!

  6. Reading what Tia said she is prolly takling about pylorixstenosis (sp). It is common in first born Male children, but I was third born female and had it. It's basically a flap that gets stuck closed from the area that empties from the stomach into the intestines. It's a very simple proceedure to correct the problem. But he prolly does just have a bad case of reflux. Unfortunatly runs in the family. Sadie is a bad spitter, and so was Alexis. Just talk to your pedictrician about your concerns. Love ya.