Saturday, March 12, 2011


I believe our testimonies can be built upon, everyday. I believe that if we strive to learn about the Gospel, read our scriptures, and willingly obey ... we will be blessed. If we humble ourselves,
like unto children, we will be able to hear the sweet whisperings of the Spirit guiding us through our daily lives. I believe that our Heavenly Father gives us oppurtunities to fill our lamps with "oil" and build up our testimonies everyday, but it is us who need to actively continue to seek for those oppurtunities; to strive off of them, cherish, and bloom from them. We need to take those oppurtunities and realize what tender truths our Father in Heaven is trying to teach us, at that time.
I remember Friday, the nurses were saying Corbin was going to be in the NICU for a few more weeks because of the scare they had with him. I was so sad. Like I said before previously, he was so close to coming home.

So Sunday was Fast Sunday. I got up, didn't eat, went to church. As I was sitting in Sacrament I had realized that I hadnt prayed about anything to fast about; I was simply just skipping fast was not really a fast. So at that moment I silently said a prayer of fasting. I'll share what I fasted for. I fasted that Corbin might gain his strength and health back. That he might be sent home in the Lords due time. I fasted that I might have a feeling of comfort when they told me the time was right for him to go home. I didn't want to question them sending him home too early.

I usually don't call the NICU, but on the way to Aarons mom's house for Sunday dinner I decided to call the NICU and check in on Corbin. The nurse told me something that amazed me ...
Corbin came home. Tuesday. When I talked to the nurse Sunday she had said they were pretty sure they would have us room in at the hospital with Corbin Monday night and we could take him home Tuesday!
I know that the Lord heard me. I KNOW the simple truth of fasting.
Was I expecting Corbin to come home this week? By all means, not at all. But I know that the Lord knows all, and I know He knew the time was right.

Sometimes we don't know what others are going through. Sometimes people we love deeply need our support and love and faith. Can I ask something? Could ya'll keep my sweet cousin, Nikki and her family in your prayers. I know prayers have helped me through our NICU process, and has helped Corbin in so many ways. I know every prayer will help my lovely cousin. Even though we may not know what others go through ... we know what we can do to help them.
Thank you all who have helped me and my testimony grow and grow. I love my friends and family. I love this Gospel and I love the little sweet tender whisperings of the Spirit that testify to me new things each and every day.


  1. you are an amazing person haili. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. Thank you for your shining example and your beautiful testimony of fasting. I know that it's all true.

    {i was going to email and then a lot came up..but i was going to ask if you wanted corbins newborns done. we can go get some drs masks and gloves and do the shots in your home. i don't, and would never think of, charging it's something i wanted to do for you guys! let me know. :)}

    i love you!

  2. How exciting that he is doing so well. Thank you for your strong example of faith and love. Heavenly Father sure does have a plan and he loves us so much. We are so excited for your cute little family!