Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Maria took the words right out of my mouth.

I want to stay home.

But until husband gets into his program- I'll be a workin' mommy.

Only three days a week though.

I am lucky in that sense.

Oh the joys of mommy-hood.

The other day husband was changing Corbin's diaper. Luckily he was by the side of him and not in front. {fart fart fart....}

wait for it...

poop squirts across the room!

It was so funny. We were laughing so hard.

What is mommy-hood all about? Well I never thought I'd be excited about boogers. Seriously It's that serious. Corbin's nose was all stuffy and it was the saddest thing.. Then after forever of trying to suck him out... BAM! A huge booger came out of his nose! Yay for mommy and daddy for making their son be able to breathe again!

Know what else is fun? All day long he sleeps 10pm rolls around... "Hey mommy I'm awake and I'm ready to play!" Yes. mommy-hood rocks. It really does.

Let me get something off my chest. (oh whats that? Spit up on my shirt right there? Yes there is some of that...but that's not what I meant.) Friends. Or actually, a person who calls themself a friend. But who never really makes an effort to be one. Do ya'll get where I'm going with this? It sucks. Especially when there was a point in time where the word "friend" really did mean something to them...once upon a time.

But then there are those... who are amazing friends. And I feel so incredibly blessed to have a few of those.


  1. You are an awesome mommy. I went to school when soph was a newborn for awhile, and it's hard to leave them but it's the best coming home and appreciating it all so much more. Your baby boy is just adorable. In those first few pics he looks like aarons clone, but then I see you a lot in the last few. He seriously is darling!! I can't wait to meet him!

  2. Holy cow is he SOOO cute!!!! I could just eat those cheeks! I need to come back to St. George and visit you guys. Soon!

  3. Haili! That boy is so precious! I can't wait to meet him and see you when I am down there in a few weeks! :)