Wednesday, March 16, 2011

little bit of everything

So Melissa came down this weekend with her family and she so kindly dropped by to visit me. Since I can’t exactly leave the house with Corbin just yet. She brought me these lovely tulips, which are already starting to bloom!

(So I didn’t have a vase. The tulips are actually in a fancy wacky cup I go in Florida. Cool right?)IMG_0426

Today I made a recipe I found by watching Food Network. I’m starting to love some of these cooking shows. This one is from a gal whose name is Sunny, I believe. It’s a ground pork hamburger with Indian spices and homemade spicy ketchup. To go with it I made some homemade French fries. Aaron LOVED it!


My mom and I made a diaper bag this weekend. I really wanted to make one. I wanted a cute one. Yes, I know Corbin is a boy. Not a girl. But hey, he isn’t the one carrying the bag is he? I wanted it to be super cute for my sake. ha ha. I’ve got a way cute one that is boyish, so when Aaron takes him places he can use the guy one if he wants. Yes, got it figured out. No need to stress.


We went shopping the weekend before we even knew Corbin was coming home. When we went to Shoe Carnival I found a ton of shoes that I fell in love with. Now people, this is a first. I used to hate, and I mean strongly dislike shoe shopping. I think I found a new thing that I would like to add to my “like” list. So I took pictures of a few of my favorites so, say for my birthday, or whatever, if Aaron ever asks me what I want. I just pull out my phone and bam! What I want, exactly, what I want is there in front of his eyes! So that’s a new thing. I’ll just take pictures of things I like, so he knows. I think husbands should do that for their wives too. (=

IMG_0319 IMG_0318IMG_0317

Now, to leave ya’ll with some super cute pictures of one of my most favorite guys on this earth!


(left: getting ready for his first stroll outside in his stroller, center: sleeping sitting up on my lap, right: laying in his big boy crib. He looked so tiny!!)

PS. Want to know something awesome? We’ve had more than a couple people offer to do Corbin’s newborn pictures for us … at no charge! Thanks guys!

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  1. I feel so bad! I could have totally bought you a vase:) I just have sooooo many of them at home I assumed everyone did. Oops! My bad! Glad to see they are blooming. I need to get me some of those before it snows tonight:( Helps me to think of Spring, right?!?