Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am a Mormon

I am grateful for my friend Brittanny.
I'm thankful for her being such a humble person.
Let me tell you why I bring this up ...
I believe everything in the Gospel is true.
I believe everything we're taught.
I believe that if I do my part that my testimony can be built from believing to knowing.
I feel like I've taken advantage of all the Gospel gives me.
The Gospel has always been apart of my life.
So I see it as always being a part of my life, even if I don't put forth an effort.
Obviously it'll always be there ... but, in Britt's words, "that's not how it works."
I agree. "Faith without works is dead."
I need to be actively engaged in the Gospel to have the Gospel active in my life.
So along with being better at reading my scriptures daily, saying my prayers at night and in the mornings; I am memorizing "The Living Christ."
So far I'm doing pretty well.
I am so grateful for a forgiving Heavenly Father.
I am thankful that I know that when He forgives He truly does forgive.
I can feel His love for me even when I am not doing the best I can.
This Gospel makes me happy.
So incredibly happy.
I don't know how many of ya'll read my blog, but if you do, and you're reading this, I have a challange. Whenever you publish a post, add an experience, scripture, talk etc. Whatever it is, something that touched you. If it is a scripture, share the scripture and why it helped you. I think this challenge will be fun for all of us to do. And along the way I believe it will strengthen many testimonies. (=
ps. Nikki, Brittanny, Sammy, Sammi, Steph, Melissa, all of you who read my blog if you could email me your home addresses... that would be wonderful! Thanks!

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