Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Right now I have a prayer deep within my heart
a prayer for each of you there is a special part
that you remember who you are
and He who lives above
Please seek for Him
and live His ways
You'll feel His love

Walk tall your a daughter
a child of God
be strong and remember who you are
try to understand
your part of His great plan
He's closer than you know
Reach up
He'll take your hand

I got this amazing advice from Nikki for a bedtime routine.
Instead of reading to Corbin though, I sing to him.
Tonight I sang this song, except I may have made a tiny change to it.
I sang "child" instead of "daughter"
Singing this song brought me back to Girls Camp.
What amazing experiences happened at those camps.
tangent.One of my YW leaders came to my mind as I continued singing this song to Corbin.
There was something about her that just told us girls how much she loved us.
How much of the Gospel she knew was true. Really really true. Everytime she heard any of the girls bear their testimony or sing she would become teary eyed. She knew everything she was witnessing was a testimony of the truth. We looked to her as our example. She was. I think something us girls didn't know though, was that, we were examples to her. Isn't it funny how that works? I feel so blessed to still have her in my life...and man...does she just rock!! It's one thing to have her as a leader, but it's another to have her as an awesomely amazing friend!! She seriously kicks butt! You know who you are little missy. Ooops. =)

The bishop told husband that he would be giving us callings soon...
I really hope I'm called into the Young womens. Hard work-maybe, but very rewarding calling, I know. Young womens is where I found my's where I was molded into the lady I am today. From the great leaders to the amazing friends. Young Womens is such a remarkable program.


  1. I hope it works soon. It worked fast for Sophia. She started sleeping at two weeks old. And looooved bath times every night, it's her fav time of day. Love ya cute girl, I can't wait to see you soon.

  2. Funny how I seem to have to cry every time I hear that song, and even just reading it brings tears to my eyes and goose bumps on my arms:) Thanks for you kind words my dear. I love you:)