Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Being a momma

So "they say" that when you become a momma you become, how you say, a baby. A big ball baby. I'm not the type to cry. So for me it's amazing to see how true this saying truly is. I sometimes like to watch "Teen Mom." Tonight I cried. Actual tears people! One of the moms on the show had to take one of her baby girls(she had twins) to get an MRI because she has a lot of health concerns. The doctors had to put her to sleep for something as well. The mom and dad couldn't go back with their baby and they were both, mom and dad, crying. It made me cry. Good ol' momma emotions!! (:
Any of ya ladies have experiences like that?

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  1. It's way funny that you posted this because I did the exact same thing a couple weeks ago with a different one of their appointments. Aren't we too cute :) ha ha