Thursday, March 24, 2011

Babyy on my mind

Today was a big day in the Hunter household. Let me just say one word. circumcision. I was so nervous, because everybody I’ve talked to about it said it was so sad to watch their little baby be circumcised. I didn’t want to go in. I did. The doctor gave him a numbing shot and told us to wait 5min before we went back in the room where he was going to do the procedure. Smart Doc. He said a lot of doctors numb the baby and go straight to circumcising. What good is numbing him then? You need to give it time to set in. Anyways, our doctor was shocked. Corbin didn’t cry. at all. not even a whimper. The doctor kept saying what a champ Corbin was. I was so proud of my boy! I wanted to get him a treat…celebrate…something. Anyways, we went a few places after the procedure and Corbin did fine. Then we got home. Then the crying started. Numbness apparently wore off. =( No fun. I felt so bad for him. He was hurting so bad. Today was the first day he was awake most of the day. I gave him some Tylenol finally and he fell asleep finally around 10:00pm. Think he’ll sleep longer tonight for the first time maybe? I hope he sleeps for his sake. Poor little guy. I’m glad it’s over. And I’m glad that procedure is a one time only deal. (I thought it was funny when the doctor said, “your husband is going to have flashbacks of this later tonight…ha ha. Aaron was feeling Corbin’s pain on a more personal level than I will ever be able to I think. he he)

Husband and I also made a bet on how much Corbin would weigh in at this visit. At his appointment two weeks ago he was 6lbs 13oz. I guessed he would be 7 1/2 and Aaron guessed 8lbs. Husband said if he gets it right then he gets to have Mongolian BBQ. So I agreed. Guess who was right? Husband. Corbin weighed in at 7lbs 15.5oz which is basically 8lbs. Can you believe that? Our little boy is already a big 8lbs!! He’s going strong. He’s developing so good. He almost rolled over today. No joke. What’s all this talk about taking a year to catch up to full term babies? I think he’s doing just peachy and momma and daddy just love it.

PS. I’m sorry for the lack of pictures on my blog. I love reading my friends and families blogs because of all the updated photos. Photos just make each post that much more interesting than just a bunch of words. I don’t have much motivation to put photos up because all my photos are from my IPhone. Now, if I had a fancy camera that took fabulous photographs ya’ll would be seeing photographs of everything. Maybe…one day. One day when money starts to grow on trees…and those trees grow in my fabulous backyard of my own home…yes maybe then.

Okay, so I want to have a little girl just so I can shop from [here] (also a button to the right side of my page.) When I saw these adorable clothes I automatically thought of my friend Sammi B. Sam, check. it. out. Scarlett would…oh my goodness…just sooo cute!! Also, Nikki, I’m sure you’re going to just eat everything up on this site. So check it out little mamas…also let me know what you think about their stuff. I know ya’ll are just gonna love it. I also have a soft spot for [this] brand of clothing. All of Corbin’s clothes are that brand. No other brand fits as good. I wish they had a button I could add to my page, but just trust me…you’re gonna want to check them out. They’ve got it all.

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  1. AH!! I love Carter's! They have the cutest baby clothes, did you know you can get outfits at Costco for awesome deals?

    p.s.-I almost cried every time we had to change Bridger's diaper after that...we used a whole ton of vaseline cause I was so paranoid.

    p.s.s-I LOVE that hairstyle you told me about. :) I tried it and it worked!