Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We Believe

Hubby left for Arizona this morning. He's been wanting to buy me a car for sometime now. He hates that I drive around in a little old car. He wants me in a bigger, safer car for Corbin and my safety. (what a good hubby) I'm pretty excited about it, I'm not going to lie. It's a Ford Edge he's going to look at. I hope all goes well and the photos and the dealer's word are truthful. In other words, I hope he gets there and the vehicle is in excellent condition as shown and told. Or else, hubby will come home empty handed and a lot less gas in his own car. ha. If he does get it he wont be home until late Thursday. I tried to get work off so I could go with him...but I couldn't. They tried so hard to find a way to let me off; I really appreciated it.
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Have you ever bought a CD even though you only know, like, two of the songs? Then you end up playing those two songs way too much and get tired of them so you venture on to other tracks on the CD. You find a new one and oh! wow! You actually like it! Imagine that! Then you become addicted to another new song on the CD. Well I have an addiction for church music, it's true. I really love the EFY cd's and a lot of others. I've been listening to a CD called, "What Heaven Sees in You." Track #2 is called "Pure" I officially love it. It's reminded me of how I truly should live my life. Being pure in all I do. That meaning, in the way I dress, speak, treat others, love, see life in general. Working with children helps me realize how beautiful purity truly is. Purity means, "clean." Children? Clean? ha! But truly they are the cleanest thing out there. Their heart knows no wrong. They love unconditionally. They forgive me. They smile and laugh and treat me with kindness. They bring me joy and happiness. When I think of their faces and their own little individual personalities I can't help but smile. Children are who I can look up to. "Be as a child." It is so true. They emmulate our Savior, so well, in so many ways.
My testimony has been strengthened
Through the eyes and heart of children


  1. Hai... you are truly inspiring. I can feel your strength and the love you have for your little family. It stirs up so many emotions to watch you and witness the incredible woman you are becoming. Little Corbin is so blessed to have you has his earthly mother... someone to teach, love and guide him back to his Father above.

    I'm so proud of you... and I love you. Aunt Sandi

  2. Haili,

    Thanks for the suggestion for this CD. Totally went and got it. I love it. It is just what I need to hear. Your amazing and Sandi is right, Corbin is so lucky to have you as a Mommy! Love you!