Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh Heck NO

So I know this is "Thankful Thursdays"
and I will get to that.
But firstly I must say I was pretty the point of tears this afternoon.
I must say, this is the first time, and will be the last time this EVER happens.
I went up to see my baby boy on my lunch break and I walked in to chaos.
He was laying on a piece of paper.
Binkie had spit up on it.
There was spit up on the sides of his crib.
His cord was wrapped around him.
He was laying in spit up!!!
What the heck! Ok that is SO not ok!!! I went out to get a nurse and she came in and was in shock at what she saw. The nurse that was taking care of him wasn't there at the time. (thank goodness for her sake.) But we showed the mess to the charge nurse. Apparently the nurse that was "taking care" of Corbin was a floater from labor and delivery. Go figure. eww...I never want that nurse...EVER again. That is MY baby and your JOB is to take care of my baby! I was happy to see that we had my favorite nurse tonight though. She loves Corbin so much and does so good with him. We love having her.
I'm thankful that Corbin is doing so well and that he offically hit
5lbs tonight!!! We are soooo happy!
I'm also thankful that the day of his homecoming shouldn't be too far away. =) fingers crossed.
I'm thankful for my familiy. Aaron's side and mine.
PS. I drove our new car home from the hospital tonight. Whoa, it's going to take some time to get used to driving this thing. But oh do I love it!
I'm thankful for my hubby whom I love oh so much.
He amazes me everyday.


  1. Yay for 5 lbs! He is stinkin' cute, and we are glad he is doing so well! Give him a squeeze from Texas!

  2. I can understand that you're upset. I would be very frustrated about that too.
    So happy that Corbin can go home with you guys soon!