Friday, February 18, 2011

No time & many thoughts

I will soon do a post on "what is fashion really?" There was a clip on TV today of some models getting ready to strut their stuff down the runway. All I could think about as they were getting ready was, "seriously? This is considered appealing and fashionable to some people?" I want to use certain photos in this post so I needed to ask the person for their permission to use her photos before I begin my post. So as soon as I get the "ok" from her I will publish this post of mine. So stay tuned! (Speaking of "Stay Tuned" I havent really been doing what I wanted to do each day for my blog. I apologize. I've been working 10 hour shifts 4 days a week, and when I'm not doing that I'm with Corbin in the NICU mostly. So I apologize. Maybe one day I'll start that up. Or just do them occasionally.)

I was reading up on some fellow friends blogs tonight and realized that I'm not the only one whose hubby works nights. It really isn't too much fun is it gals? Maybe we should have a movie night? Yeah? If you like this idea just let me know. Then we wouldn't be alone without our hubbys, we'd be partying it up with snacks and chick-flicks! (No worries Sammy, I like Teen Mom and I used to be Fat as well.) However, my biggest addiction is "Pretty Little Liars." I really love that show.

Corbin is doing great! He is on low flow now, drinking his bottles, and is 5lbs 7oz! We're hoping to have him home in the next couple of weeks! I really love this little boy of mine. Tonight when I was trying to burp him after he finished his bottle he totally looked drunk. It was hillarious. I sat him up and his head kind of just was plopped on the burp clothe instead of upright and ready to burp. ha ha. Little stinker. He has so many expressions I could just watch him all day long.

I think it's crazy to think that little Scarlett (Sammi's precious little girl) is almost one. I remember always thinking, "I can't wait till Scarlett turns one because that means it's only a week away from Corbin's due date." Well that kind of backfired on me in a way. ha ha. Scarlett is such a cutie!

So I'm loving my new car. Really. A lot. I feel so grown up now! It's the best ever! I love my hubby so much for caring so much about my safety. I also really love the fact that we got new leather 3 piece couch, love seat, recliner for a SUPER good deal at Furniture Row. (Go there for your furniture...good deals and great quality care!) We got a 5 year replacement warranty on them for only $139.00!! That means if anything goes wrong and they cant fix it...they'll replace our furniture...FOR FREE!! I love love Furniture Row. And I love our new living room! :) I also got a new shaggy area rug and it's made the room feel so much more home-y-ish!

My mom is coming out from California tomorrow and is staying for a month!! I'm so excited!

Well my hubby is getting off early!! Yay!! Goodnight!


  1. ooo i LOVE pretty little liars, and teen mom. yeah husbands working nights=no bueno.

  2. oh yeah, we are moving within the next two weeks over on riverside drive.