Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Masterpiece in His eyes.


I kissed his little hand when he was asleep tonight and he gave a little smile. It melted my heart. Even though he came into this world with a "rough start" he has been developing like a rock star ever since! I bottle-fed him tonight again. He drank more than half of it!! He would have finished it, except the nurses don’t like the babies to drink their bottles for more than a half hour because they start to burn more calories than they’re eating. Crazy right? Wouldn’t that be something? If we ate for a half hour at a time we would burn calories?! Sweet deal!! It was funny because when I gave the bottle to the nurse and she fed the rest of his feeding through his tube Corbin kept trying to suck thinking, “uh..I’m getting milk…aren’t I supposed to be doing something?” ha ha. I love this little squirt. This picture does not do him much justice of how so super cute he is in person. I just can’t get enough of him. Want to know something really super spectacular? He’s DOUBLED his birth weight!!! He is 4lbs 14oz!! He gained 100grams!! I’m so proud of him! Either tomorrow or the next day I’m positive he’ll be the big 5lbs!! I’m so so excited that his homecoming is just around the corner!

masterpiece: I choose my little mr. as my glimpse of eternity today. Children in general are such a blessing to all those who love them right. Corbin has blessed our lives in so many ways. Every time I look at him or hold him I get a feeling of what all mothers feel for their children. I understand a little more of my own mother. I understand a little more how Heavenly Father feels for each of us. I see a pure innocent spirit. I feel so incredibly blessed that he is mine and Aaron’s forever. I feel extremely blessed at what a huge role and gift it is to be a mother. Whenever the day seems long and just a kind of low day…Corbin lifts my spirit. He shows me what life is really about. This little gift from God. Sent especially for me and Aaron to raise and help him grow his own testimony.(My heart goes out to those I keep dear to my heart who have miscarried. I remember worrying about miscarrying. Then my Aunt Sandi told me something truly inspired. She said, “even though it’s hard I got through it. That child of mine is mine forever I don’t need to worry about that for a second. Heavenly Father sent that spirit to me for a reason. However, the body that that sweet baby was developing in, in the womb, could have been filled with maybe disabilities, or something that might have given him a hard life. So, even though it’s so incredibly hard, I know that my baby will spend his life with me with a healthy body one day.”)

She probably, most likely, worded it a bit better but I sure appreciated her words.

As I was ending my day at work today I realized I hadn’t really met anyone that touched me that day in a new way. Then a name popped in my head immediately. So even though I chose to do Corbin today I want to recognize that person whose name came to me. My lovely friend Lizzie Justice. She wow…well she deserves a whole post. So she may be mentioned a little later on in the week so Stay Tuned! <------click that link to read about what these new posts are all about!.


  1. he looks so big! yay corbin!
    what a cute little boy!
    You are amazing haili!

  2. Haili! He is adorable!! Just the cutest thing I have ever seen! You are amazing! I'm so happy for you and Aaron!