Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love without measure.

Today was a really good day.
I went to work only to find out there were only four babies.
So I was called off until 3:30pm.
I needed to go back in to train a lovely new girl that just got hired.
That was fun. She is really nice. And she's going to do just fabulous.
So, today I made a new dinner dish from a website I got from Sammi's blog.
The recipe was "Santa Fe Chicken."
It wasn't half bad.
I also cleaned the kitchen.
I also did laundry.
Tonight I bought a rug for our living room.
It's one of those shaggy rugs.
I love it.
Aaron is going to love it too.
Our home feels so homey now.
I love it.
Today I learned a bit more about myself.
I've learned to love learning again.
More and more.
Life is good...
When you follow Him.

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  1. Hey girlie, never got you phone number and we're headed down in a few hours. Call me on my cell and let me know when I can come see you:) 910-0937