Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just a little bit of sunshine

I just thought this was funny.  “back in the day housewife” compared to a “modern housewife.”  What is even crazier is that us moms that still work feel like we still need to be that “perfect” housewife.  I’ve struggled with it a lot.  I want to be a wife who has dinners prepared, and one that learns new recipes daily.  That wife who always has the house sparkling clean, and the wife that always looks cute.  I think we need to realize that just doesn’t happen.  I mean, that doesn’t always happen even with those moms who do stay home.  It’s crazy how times have changed. 

I was thinking on my way home from the hospital tonight what a blessing children truly are.  I absolutely love my little baby so much.  He’s already blessed our lives in so many ways.  I got to thinking about how Heavenly Father had to do for us.  He sacrificed His Son.  Can you imagine?  All you moms,  can you imagine?  I can’t.  I am so grateful for this sacrifice made for us.  My testimony grows everyday, and thinking of this after having a child of my own just makes my testimony grow that much stronger.  I love this Gospel so much.  It is true.

Speaking of my little stud of a boy.  He is…. IN AN OPEN CRIB AND OFF OF OXYGEN!!!!!!  Know what else?  The nurse said, “If he keeps doing this well, looks like he might go home a little sooner than we all thought.”  !!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, Corbin 24/7  BRING IT ON!!!  Be prepared for photograph overload and one happy momma!!! Open-mouthed smile

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