Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today we went to church, and church was good. I truly love our new ward. Seriously, you walk in the building and you can just feel the Spirit and the love every member has for each other. I feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing ward.
When I was in Relief Society and we started singing our opening hymn I was overwhelmed with the Spirit and a friend of mine, that was mentioned in previous posts came to my mind. Throughout the whole song I continued thinking of this certain friend of mine. The song we sung was, "Each Life that Touches ours for Good." Tears came to my eyes as I continued singing and thinking of Lizzie. It's amazing how we're guided to think of, and remember, certain people. So, as promised, I am going to dedicate this post to my lovely friend Lizzie.
Ever since I've known Lizzie I've looked up to her. The first thing I ever noticed about her was her ability to feel and teach by the Spirit. We were in the Young Womens Program together, and whenever our leader would ask questions or if any of us girls had any comments Lizzie always had very profound things to say. Her ability to sing the hymnals with such reverance always amazed me. Her true love for her friends and family is so geniune and a beautiful thing to see in a friend.
In high school she excelled. She did sports and was always at the top. She got stellar grades and was always studying. Yet, she always made time for her friends and family. I admired her ability to prioritize her time and make time for the important things in her life. Even though through all of this she suffered through health problems. Nobody knew. Nobody could tell. Only her close friends and family knew. She just kept on chuggin along. Amazement.
It seems though, to me, as we went our seperate ways we grew closer. They say friendships fade as people move away and live their "own lives" out of the "high school stage" of things. Well, for Lizzie and I, it seemed to do just the opposite. I truly feel and know that our friendship has only gotten stronger. We've come to know each other better. I've realized that she is what a true friend is. Those kinds of friends are really almost nearly impossible to come by. I'm so glad and lucky that I got one. Of course my hubby is my bestest friend in the universe and for eternity, but girlfriend wise, I am always reminded of Lizzie when I think, "who is your best friend?" I love her dearly for so many reasons.
Lizzie has strengthened my testimony, lifted my spirits, been there for me, even when she didn't realize I needed her, made me laugh, kept me sane when hanging out with Spencer on Loratab, been my help through girls camp, and has taught me so many lessons by her example. Her love and friendship is genuine, and my loyality and friendship to her in return will always remain loyal and true. I miss her. It's hard to move away from dear friends, but it's so marvelous growing in that friendship despite that distance. Lizzie is a true and lovely Daughter of God.


  1. I sat here think about how I wanted to respond to this post. I remember when you moved into my ward in High School. I literally had no friends. It's funny but even though you were the new one, I felt lucky to be so welcomed by you. You make me smile Haili, you are such a beautiful person! Love ya! I know even if we never live close again we will be friends forever!

  2. This makes me so happy! I'm so lucky to know both of you wonderful girls!