Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear Readers,

To sum this day up a little bit…UGH!  Really, really, really UGH!  Today was my day off, fun and relaxing right?  Well not so much.  To sum it up: register my car for the year.  Not so much. Didn’t pass safety inspection for the lack of good brakes. Had to pay a big chunk of money to get new brake thingys and spend almost 2 hours at the lame tire shop place.  Go see my sweet baby boy and love on him.  He decides he wants to stop breathing again.  Realize they put him back on caffeine every six hours so he realizes he needs to breath or mom isn’t going to let him sleep…EVER. 

But to send some good news out to ya’ll Corbin gained 2 more ounces tonight!!  He is now 4lbs 7oz!!  (does anyone else find it funny that you abbreviate the word ‘ounce’ with ‘oz’ when there is not one ‘z’ in the word ‘ounce?’) 

I did find myself being able to relax a lot though on this lovely day off of mine.  Which was fabulous!  My husband made me laugh so so much today and I love him so much for his cheerful, unpredictable attitude.  I also had some laid back time to read some blogs.

My lovely cousin, Nikki Davis

and a new favorite of mine

“The Daybook” 

I must say these two ladies made me laugh and smile and just feel all good inside.  I must share an “awkward” moment that Miss Sydney, from “The Daybook” had that made me laugh.(We all have experienced this is some sort of way so don’t even try to deny it! Share your stories if you will!)

- “Sitting on a leather couch and it makes a funny squeaky noise like you ... you know ... did it or something. So then you're like, "that was the couch" and people are like "right" and you're like "no really. see watch" ... and you try and imitate the noise, but can't do it to save your life. so then everyone shakes their head at you and you run away.”

I can’t tell you how much I just love this girls style and optimism about life itself.  If you would like to read or follow her blog click that little lovely button of hers off to the right on my page  Starting right now…Life is going to be GOOD. Not just most of the time.  All of the time.  Because even when I struggle there is always something to smile and laugh about.  I need to learn to find those funny lovely moments during those trying times.  We’ve all got them.  We all grow from them. So I’ll learn to love them.

Love Always,


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