Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lets just start with Corbin shall we? He is doing fantastic! As of today he is 3lbs 12oz. So he's scootching his way on up to 4lbs. He got a roommate too. Guess what his roommates name is? Of all names his name is Korbyn. So it's spelt differently, but the same name to say the least. Our little man seems to like to crawl his way out of his blankets and pull out his tubes from his nose and mouth. In other words, he is a little trouble maker. (: Every nurse in the NICU just can't get enough of him. I can't blame them though.
Question for all you moms out there. Did any of you ever breast pump? If you did-how did that experience go for you?
This last Sunday we went to Morgan (Aaron's cousin) farewell talk. He did such a great job. He is going to be such a great missionary. Holton (Aarons cousin, Morgans brother) comes home in March from his mission. Oh and I found out that a girl I was in young womens with is now in my family ward. Small world. I really like our ward this year. Everyone seems really down to earth and really nice. Not that fake phony nice either. The real genuine nice. I like it.
I had a lot of things I wanted to blog about but I can't remember them now. So I'll just end by saying this.
I think Samantha Iverson is awesome. The end.


  1. i saw you at chuch on sunday i think. we werent able to stay the whole time because we had to go to another ward but i thought i would let you know ha :)

  2. aww, baby corbin. I can't wait to see him.

    and as for pumping, it's good..but don't over-do it. Your body will try to overcompensate, and you will become super huge super fast. So just as long as you are doing it like every two hours, or so, like what he'll do..then it's good.

    it was so good seeing you and aaron, even though I did try killing Aaron with my brownies. ;)lol

    love ya

  3. hey! I got a pump free through WIC, its just a handpump but I was so thankful I had it! the brand was medela I think? pumping has always gone really well. I liked that it gave me a little more freedom when I went on photoshoots and stuff and I didn't have to worry about Scarlett. You can pump and freeze your milk so when I got home from photoshoots and was really full I would just pump and freeze it for the next time. Some people really hate it, but I didn't mind it. Scarlett has never had formula and I'm really proud of that.
    don't over pump like nikki said cause it pulls from different glads and can make you engorged and really sore!