Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let’s get ready to RAAAAAAAMBLE!!!

Ok Sammy, I had to steal your title, because really, it was very clever and I liked it. 

It’s funny how having a baby in the NICU can all of a sudden make you an extreme germ-a-phob.(sp?)  I work in the same hospital where the NICU is at.  The NICU is on the 3rd floor and the Child Development Center on the 1st.  So I am able to go see Corbin before work, on my break, and after work.  Which is wonderful. Mostly.  You see, you know what goes on…A LOT when you work with kids?  Sickness. Colds. Runny noses. Coughs. Anything and everything you could possibly think of.  So I am working with and around all of these sicknesses and then go up and see my baby who is in intensive care?  Ok something is wrong with that.  Really really wrong with that.  I can’t just not see my baby just because I am around all that junk.  It’s like such a battle with myself.  Should I go to see him or should I limit my visitation to only before work so I don’t risk him getting sick?  I can’t help myself.  I got to see him before and during and after.  I can’t justify it any other way.  I do wash my hands good before I go in and see him.  Actually, it’s mandatory to wash your hands when you first go into the NICU.  Sometimes I just stare at him and talk to him without touching him because I get nervous.  I just want to cuddle him.  He is doing marvelous.  He is practically 3lbs now.  He’s still on CPAP and a feeding tube but that’s normal.  They slowly lower the CPAP to see how he takes it, and so far they’ve had to bump him back up.  But that’s just what he’s comfortable at for now, and that’s fine with me.  I just want him to get better at his own pace.  Once he is off CPAP and on a flow of 2 he can lose the feeding tube and try breatfeeding, and that will be such a neat thing.  Did I just say “neat…thing?”  Ok the experience will be a million times more memorable than “neat.” but you get my point.  I love seeing my little baby progress.  He is getting chubbier everyday.  He has so much hair!!  I bet if he went full term he would have been a male version of shirley temple with his hair.  He looks 100% daddy.  Which is fine by me!  He’s got a cute daddy.  So that’s my Corbin update for ya’ll today.  I know ya’ll can’t wait till I have picture updates, but those will have to wait till he comes home!  Baby Shower is this weekend and that should be lots of fun.  I told Corbin  that I was having a party for him and he smiled.  He was pretty excited.  He feels pretty special.

Can I end with this?

I love my husband.


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  1. You're amazing, Hai! Kiss him for me, ok? Tell him his Aunt Stephie is praying for him!