Thursday, January 27, 2011

Family is the best gift

What a blessing it is to have good friends. I was reading my friend Lizzie Justice's blog and it just made me a little bit happier. I have been happy all day. But you know when you read something and it just makes you that much more happy? Well her blog did that for me. She is such a remarkable young woman. Really, she is. If I knew how to make her blog link appear by clicking her name I would, because ya'll should read it. But alas, I don't know how. Just trust me when I say she is inspiring. I love love love knowing I have a best friend like her.
Random, I know, but I have a confession to make. I like Hannah Montana. The earlier episods anyways. They got less and less funny as Miley got older and started "changing."(to put it nicely.) I hope Selena Gomez stays somewhat normal and role-model type for young girls. This all came to my mind only because Hannah Montana is on right now, by the way.
So I was talking to some people today about babies. Corbin is a little over a month old now and is basically in the 4lb range. It's neat to compare to full-term babies and how much they would weigh at a month old. Looks like average full-term at one month is about 7-10lbs. Corbin is a little behind with that. ha ha. Of course that's how it should be, seeing he is a preemie. So yes, I may have an advantage of seeing him small for a longer period of time, but he still grows so much and it seems like he is growing up so fast from my point of view. I held him for 2 hours tonight and it was the best ever. I love him so much. And to think he is all ours. What a truly remarkable gift children are. They truly just make you smile. The purity in his eyes, and the sweet spirit the lies within him just melts my heart. Oh and I cant forget that spunky personality of his! The nurses always comment on how much he moves. He is always crawling (scootching really) out of his bed. It's also fun to share this experience with another family. Corbin's roommate has been in the NICU for 65 days now. His parents live and work in Cedar so they stay at the Jubilee right next to the hospital, but still have to commute to Cedar everyday for work. What a long journey they have had. Their baby was born at 13oz!(for those of you who forget their weight measurements, like I do, 16oz is a lb.) He was tiney tiny. He's now 2lbs 12oz. He's such a cutie. We've really enjoyed getting to know them and laughing with them. Giving birth premature is definitley a different kind of experience, but one that builds strong character and love for others. And we'll still have more kids, hopefully they'll go full-term, and I'll experience having a child the "full-term" way. So in a way it'll be a whole new experience. But, Corbin will be quite a bit older by the time that day comes. (=
You know what I have noticed lately though? I have no time. No time for anything anymore. I literally spend all day at the hospital. Get up in the morning, go see my sweet baby boy, go to work(which, I work at that same hospital, with kids), go back up to see Corbin after work, and get home around 10:30/11:00 at night. Weekends are nice. Aaron and I can sleep in, go see Corbin, spend time together, and just relax. People ask how we do it. It really isn't hard. We take it day by day and take care of each other. We wouldn't have it any other way. We want everyone to know we still appreciate all the love and prayers we know we're getting on our behalf. We know that Corbin is loved by a lot and we're so thankful.
Life is good.

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