Monday, December 27, 2010


Well funny story. I just looked at my last post. I wrote that post the day before Corbin was born. (Of course I obviously didn't know he was planning on spending this Christmas with us.) Sooo let me fill ya'll in on the story.
Thursday I felt completely fine. Minus miss Sherry doing a little something like this. (rub my tummy) "Corbin you better stay in mom's tummy for three more months.) Friday around noon I started getting "cramps." I've never had cramps before so I assumed that's what I was experiencing. Throughout the day they were getting worse and worse. By the time Aaron went to work at 5pm they were hurting bad enough to the point I wanted to cry. When he left to work I fell asleep around 5:30pm and woke up about 5min later due to a major major cramp that made me start crying because it hurt so bad. I reached for my phone and called Aaron and told him something wasn't right. So he rushed home because he knows I don't cry. It takes something pretty serious or painful to make me cry. We went to the ER to try to get an idea of what was going on. Neither one of us thought anything big was going on. Just maybe some serious cramps or something. They hook me up to a bunch of monitors and notice that I am having contractions but they're irregular. So they didn't think I was going into labor either. However they sent me over to the other hospital just incase. By the time I got hooked up to the other hospital's machines it was about 7pm. By then my contractions were really really strong. Then I heard the lady say, "Uh...we need to get this little girl into labor and delivery. She is uh fully dialated." EXCUSE ME??? One, I'm not a little girl. Two, WHAT? DIALATED TO A 9? I'M HAVING OUR BABY...TONIGHT? NOW? WHAT? YOU'RE NOT KIDDING ARE YOU? Aaron and I were completely shocked. We get upstairs and they made me wait to push until the doctor got there. It was too late for an epidural, and I was ready to push. Let me tell you, telling someone who has a baby right there, dialated to a 9, going full on natural, not to push...not so nice. Doctor got there around 7:50pm and Corbin was born at 8:06pm. Friday, December 17th 2010. He has to be in the NICU till the end of February. It's been a crazy crazy Christmas season this year. Corbin was born at 2lbs 7oz 14inches long. Right now he's at 2lbs 4oz but he's gaining weight everyday. He's doing so good and he is SO stinking cute!! We love him soo much. Thank you again for all those who are praying for him. I know that the faith of those who are praying for him are helping him tremendously. We feel so blessed that so many people care about us and him. Thank you so so much.
It's amazing what having a little miracle, a little bundle of joy, can do to you. I love Corbin so so so much, and I love my husband beyond anything ever imaginable. I'll keep ya'll posted as best I can. :)


  1. I'm glad everything is going so well! Heavenly Father throws us curve balls sometimes to test our faith, but that's the whole point right? Can we see pictures of Corbin soon?! I want to enjoy his cuteness, too!

    Congrats again, Haili! Can't believe you're already a mama, and I'm sure a wonderful one at that :)

  2. WHOA! that's so exciting! i'll keep little corbin in my prayers, and always know we love ya haili!

  3. Wow! I haven't heard anything so thank you for letting us know! I'm going to keep your family in my prayers! Congratulations on being a mother! You are amazing and you are going to be an amazing mother! I love you dearly Haili! Congrats again! :)

  4. I can't even imagine how surprised you probably felt...I don't even feel ready yet and my due date is in two weeks! Ah! Do you know why you went into labor so early...? That's so crazy. I hope you three are doing awesome!! :)

  5. i read on nikkis blog that you had your baby super early and i was waiting to hear how you all were doing. im so glad everything is going well. im sure its so hard to be without him at home. ill keep you all in my prayers. oh and congrats!

  6. You're so brave, Hai! I love you! XOXO to Corbin.

  7. Haili, I love you sweet little mommy...! We go to pick up Jon from his mission in 5 days. Then we will come down to see you.

    Keep loving on that little guy...!

    Love, Aunt Sandi